Pygmy Freya Kayak

Philip Jarrett

Sep 28, 2017
Carlisle, Ontario, Canaada
I finished Freya, in June, took me 220 hours, my first build was the Artic Tern 14, that took me 300 hours, Freya was more complicated, but easier with my experience. I spent extra time on the finish which adds at least 60-80 hours onto the build.
Absouletly beautiful kayak to paddle, it tracks perfectly, OMG I am not a very experienced roller but Freya is a dream to roll. I go down the lake rolling and rolling , great fun. I am 5, 5” tall and 150 lbs size 8 shoe, its a tight fit and IMO anybody much bigger will not fit very well. I am not super comfortable and would rather take my Artic Tern on my camping trips. So Freya is my Hotrod , at my local lake people think I know what I am doing, Freya fools them every time. Very happy Pygmy customer, now what’s next, build a SUP, or maybe another kayak.
Cheers Phil