Quadra Island - Ashlar Creek

Denis Dwyer

Mar 17, 2009
Metairie, Louisiana
Quadra Island – Ashlar Creek

Coordinates: 50°16.040N x 125°21.311W

The beach at Ashlar Creek is fist to bowling ball size angular rock with some covered in barnacles.
The campsite here is in the trees and well above the highest tide levels.
Enough space for a couple of tents has been cleared out of the forest.
There were lots of biting bugs on the night that I stayed here and I had to use my head net.
Ashlar Creek creates some pleasant background noise as it tumbles over rocks.
Bears could possibly visit this site so it is necessary to hang your food cache.

Google Earth Image

The beach at Ashlar Creek is composed of angular rock at all tide levels.

The tent site at Ashlar Creek is on a bed of lichens.

Ashlar Creek passes right next to the campsite.