Questions with NRS or Aire tandems for both touring and ww


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Aug 30, 2021
Long time paddler here with various hard shell sot's, sik's, a few inflatables, and inflatable paddle boards. I'm looking at either a NRS Outlaw tandem, Aire Tomcat, or a Star Outlaw II (new version of the NRS Outlaw) for hybrid use of light touring and ww at Class II/III. My concern is lack of a skeg on a more dedicated ww boat and will I be fighting with tracking and glide on a lake? I've paddled the Tomcat and it's excellent on a river, but have not paddled it on smooth water. If anyone has paddled these kayaks on calm water, your thoughts on tracking/glide would be most appreciated. Btw, I did paddle a Sea Eagle 430 (I think that was the model) on calm water and while it had a skeg, it was just ok. I don't think the durability/build quality of the SE is up to those mentioned, but could be wrong.