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Rack Setup for my girlfriend

AndreG said:
.... I am trying to figure out a rack setup for my girlfriend. She`s 5`2 and drives a Toyota Matrix. She has Boreal Design Epsilon P200, weighs in at 65 pounds.....

I wouldn't like to handle her kayak. Would be too heavy for me. Perhaps she should try something along this line:

34 lbs of paddling pleasure.

The best arrangement for transporting and handling kayaks I've seen looks like this one:

Lighter kayak and proper roof arrangement will make her kayaking experience so much more pleasurable.


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Hey Greg. Good picture of my car. Everyone says I have a nice rack ;) What I do is put a blanket over the top of my car and slide it up sideways. I then swing it around and rest it on the front foam roller and then lift it over to the back rack. It's worked perfectly for about six years now. My boats weigh in from 47 pounds to 54 pounds but I think that 65 should be okay too. My weight is top secret but I'm 5'3" and have no problems. There is a bit of gelcoat on my car now which bugs me more that there's a bit less on the kayaks but this has happened more due to my being a bit careless when rushing the loading. I'm in Victoria if you want to look at my setup....happy to show you.
Lynn, I always liked your rack. Most ergonomic of them all. Didn't I see you loading your kayak from the back and pushing it forward?

On another note: sorry for displaying the licence plate numbers. Anyone with access to police scanner should be able to find out your weight. But you shouldn't have any reasons to complain :big_thumb :big_thumb :big_thumb :big_thumb .
Anyway, this incident motivated me to take another look at my iphoto editing program. Surely enough, it is very easy to remove any blemishes and the likes on the photos. Sorry again and have nice holidays.
If you cant lift the kayak high enough to put it on the car get a car that is low enough to do so. This is one reason I bought this car. I can even park it inside my garage without takeing the boat off. Makes it nice to go paddling when I get home from work. I dont drive this car to work, so it works good to get out for quick paddles.

What about the thule glide and set? Fits on factory roof racks of the highlander-question about loading boats back to front is that all the photos of the roof racks seem to assume the bow of the boat faces the front of the car. The glide parts, meant for the flat back bottom of the kayak, are obviously the back (loading and glidint) part. I always transport the rudder end first...anybody have experience with this roof rack and which end you transport first and how it fits?
I am also 5'2, and had to find a cheap solution for getting the boat on my car alone, although I was not lifting a 65lb boat.
Someone suggested to me (wouldn't work on my rack as I didn't have enough sticking out the sides) getting pieces of pipe to stick on the ends of my rack (hanging over the open air beside my car) and then lift just the bow up onto the pipe, then go around and lift the stern up, and then slide the boat over. However, as I said that doesn't work on my rack (but a very good idea, and VERY cheap!)

I found a pair of kayak saddles very cheaply on used victoria (the borrowed boats I had came with the foam racks, I found that for a short person, on my own, the foam blocks were not that great because the boat did not slide along them very well, but rather stuck to them). So, I put a towel on the side of my car, heft the cockpit onto my shoulder and then lean the boat on my car essentially right below my rack, reposition, and then push it onto the rack and lift it a bit to put it in the saddles. Not sure how well that woudl go with a heavier boat, I think I was lifting about 50lbs. I drive a Golf so it is probably about the same height as the Matrix.