Gary Jacek

Dec 11, 2009
Victoria, BC
Hi. I am Gary and I am a Gearhead.

I often cruise the various Buy&Sell sites looking for interesting old and new bits of kit.

Every once in a while I run across a relic from a bygone era. No perimeter lines. No bulkheads or floatation. Often damaged, but the vendor thinks it is gold.

Here is one. In its day, proudly manufactured by Nimbus Kayaks, who by the way, make current, very seaworthy craft.


Is it up to us to tell that vendor they are selling what could be a death trap?

So I'm not a lawyer - I don't even play one on the internet. But to me there's a lower duty of care for a private seller of used gear than a retailer or original manufacturer.

As a parallel, I drive a 20 year old Subaru I bought used. It has ABS, which didn't used to be standard on cars, and there may be older used cars on the market which still don't have it. It does not have the automatic collision avoidance systems are becoming standard on new cars. Should private sellers of older cars be prevented from selling models which don't meet current norms?

That said, I take your point it would a damn shame for a naïve buyer to think they've scored a deal on a sea kayak that's equivalent in safety to current models and have a tragic accident. It's very much caveat kayaker.

(And I think that kayak would make an excellent rafter decoration in a high-ceiling seaside cottage.)
Indeed, hang it from the rafters. Much like those leather boots, bear trap bindings and wooden skis in the chalet.

Excellent car analogy, by the way.
Is that a sea kayak or some sort of downriver boat?
Usually I'm the only old guy ranting about (lack of) deck lines; it's nice to have some company. :)

Please direct your attention to the 'Greenland' and SOF crowd and also the many many homebuilders of kit S&G and 'from scratch' boats. A quick look at the picture 'Gallery' at places like CLC and also at kayak plans sites will really get you cranked up! :)