REVIEW: Book: Sea Kayaking Illustrated


Mar 8, 2005
Beautiful BC

Title: Sea Kayaking Illustrated - A Visual Guide to Better Paddling
Authour: John Robison
Published by: Ragged Mountain Press, 2003

I was at my local bookstore a few days ago, browsing through the kayak section when I picked up a book that was full of cartoon-like illustrations -- it appeared to be yet another ho-hum beginners guide. I was wrong.

After perusing the book further, I found that there are several tips in this book that are good for nearly every level of paddler. If you're looking for a book that will help friends just getting into kayaking, this is it. The novice paddler will benefit from clear explanations of the most basic kayaking principles, including descriptions of different types of kayaks, what gear is needed and how to use it, basic paddle strokes, and more -- much more -- there's even a small section with tips on kayak camping. If you're looking for a book that explains more advanced techniques, including how to read surf and currents, this is also it -- there's tons of information for advanced paddlers -- and maybe a few things that are just explained better than you've seen or heard before.

I bought the book ($23.95 CAN, on the cover), and spent the past couple days reading through it -- and found it to be equally entertaining and informative. The book is filled with illustrations and concise, well-written descriptions -- and a lot of it is very humorous, making it much more pleasant to read than a dry text-book style book.

Sample drawing from page 139, "Landing in the Surf Zone":

Final conclusion:
I would recommend this book to anyone who paddles -- regardless of your skill level, you're bound to find something of value in it.