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Rock gardening launches and landings.

That was cool! :clap: I've heard paddlers refer to rock gardening before, but never realized that's what they meant--looks like great fun. And now I want a rotomolded sea kayak... :D
sushiy said:
"Basic rock garden" class I took at Lumpy Waters was not like that :shock: :shock: :shock:

A least one of those guys (the one with the flipping orange and yellow Alchemy) is an instructor at Lumpy Waters and Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium. The guy in the red Delphin may be also.

That said, I can understand you questioning about how this is named as a "basic" skills video...
#1 A Dave Grohl song without his obnoxious screaming, thumbs up.
#2 Holy shit@6:00-6:20.
#3 A Good Shinedown tune, another thumbs up.
#4 Ok,so it seems that to be good at this stuff, you have to think like half-rescue swimmer and half-kayaker.
#5 This stuff brutalizes even plastic boats,every launch is like going down a cheese grater...
#6 These guys have a solid combination of skill, guts, and decisiveness without either one can get in serious trouble.
#7 Same rule as most high-risk activities,don't f*ck up or there will be consequences.


Some of their other vids show stuff I think is equivalent of class IV-V whitewater..