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Rudder repair


Jul 9, 2012
Have discovered the sleave on rudder of my senior Necky Swallow is damaged. Looks like no replacements available. Anyone have success using 3 D printing to make one? Any other ideas?


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search for 'nylon pulley' or 'sheave'. When I look on Grainger, there's about a trillion of them:


Or chuck a piece of ply [or aluminum] in a clamped down drill and turn the shape you want, seal, and mount. Or make a mould from what you have and re-fabricate with glass.

I looked a while back in the workings of an old mechanical mantle clock and one of the gears had broken - and the watchmaker repair had scabbed a piece of brass with 4 or 5 teeth onto the side of the broken gear! With that in mind and using that bolt nearby, I think you could effect something quite similar if looks were not important.
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Thanks so much! Have ordered one I think will work if I can manage to drill some holes in and install.
This forum is great and much appreciated!