Sager Islands, Emily Carr Inlet


Jan 6, 2008
Vancouver, BC
The Sager Islands are a group of small islets just north of the mouth of Surf Inlet and just south of Emily Carr Inlet. There is a campsite on the north east side of the south west most islet (52 54.0' N, 129 9.1 W, from SPOT GPS on the beach). The gravel beach joins to a smaller islet to the north at low tide. There are possible campsites in the trees but we camped on the beach (overnight high tide 4.3 m). No outhouse. No fresh water on the islet. Fascinating rock pools due to limestone geology. Also see Wild Coast 2 page 218.

Sager Islands campsite (tide 2.2 m at Bella Bella, July 9, 2009).

Sager Islands campsite looking east (tide 2.2 m at Bella Bella, July 9, 2009).