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San Juans weather check...

Worse than the rain - which isn't really "worse" just different (the plants like it) - the new normal is bad summer air quality. It's difficult to deal with spotty weeks of blue sky and temps in the low 80's when the air quality during those weeks is in the UnHealthy to Hazardous categories.

Yeah - there's that assumption that if it rains one day, it's only fair that it be dry and sunny the next so you can lay your gear out.

Long, long, long ago, for about six months, I worked on the Alaska Pipe Line in Valdez. It started raining. It continued raining. It stayed raining for seven solid 24-hour days. You'd get up - it was raining. You'd work in the rain. You'd go to sleep - it was raining. And when you woke up the next day, it was still raining and it was the same rain (no breaks) that was falling the day before. You began to believe you lived on a planet where is moisture from the sky was ... forever.

Finally, it stopped. An orange ball appeared. Water vapor started reaching for the heavens. It was warm. I completely understood how a person could start worshiping a "Sun God".

I hope you do get up to the San Juans - there are probably some windows of good weather left. And if your boat and car are under the 7'2" height limit, you are pretty much assured of a reservation by logging on and reserving two days before or even planning on Standby status. Mt Baker, to the east, looks majestic in the morning light.
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Hi All—thanks again for all the good information. Call me a wimp, but after having my heart and sights set on a week of paddling last week...I decided that my week off should be FUN, which for me means lots of sunshine. I'm not afraid of rain...but from what I heard, the entire Seattle area was drowned in atmospheric rivers last week (which didn't sound fun).

So I bailed on my paddling trip and instead chased the sun (and found tons of it with flawless weather) backpacking in Yosemite National Park's high eastern side (from the Tioga Pass entrance—which is really the best part of the park). :)

As established by @alexsidles many stellar examples, you can't really enjoy sea kayaking in the PNW without paddling in rain. I know this, yet when you have to drive a day to get there, somehow it's harder for me to be all-in on a maritime adventure when I know it'll be raining a lot. (I think it's easier when your "travel investment" is relatively low because you live up there!)

Anyway, I remain committed to trying to get up there for more paddling—and will continue to keep an eye on the group and look for opportunities!

Scott - looks like we have about 5 days of sunshine in a row coming up. If you can get up there in the next few days, you may have several sunny days in a row and - as it's after Labor Day - mostly no crowds.

Here's a shot of my stopover in Seattle for a Spring paddle one April.
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