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Sea to Sky Marine Trail Opening Ceremony!


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May 15, 2005
The long anticipated Sea to Sky Marine Trail is being officially opened this Sunday at the Squamish Nexen lands right on the waterfront. All welcome and all the details are laid out in the following images of the grand opening invitation. A nice spectrum of dignitaries will be there including the Lieutenant Governor of BC, Chief Williams of the Squamish Nation and the mayor of Squamish. A BBQ will be held at the local Squamish Nation lands a short drive or an immediate paddle across the water.
Mick, thanks for all your efforts toward the MT! I often think that the volunteers will be welcomed to the Heavens with a soft beach landing.
It really happened:

The Lieutenant Governor, chief of the Squamish Nation, the provincial government, the Squamish mayor, Head of Trans-Canada Trails, project manager of the Sea to Sky Trail, representatives from the BC Marine Trails, representatives from the Squamish paddling club, representatives of the Sea Kayak Association of BC, paddlers, land trails enthusiasts, passers-bye, three Coast Guard boats and representatives, Squamish Nation paddlers, dancers and singers – all gathered on the beach at Nexen Lands on the Squamish waterfront and celebrated this opening in a nice friendly, intimate gathering.

The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and everyone was beaming.

Here are some of the pictures:

The following is Chief Bill Williams of the Squamish Nation providing the welcoming and generous opening remarks. To his left is Gordon McKeever , project manager for the Sea to Sky marine trail. He was the main driving force bringing this into fruition. You may remember him coming on WCP about 5 years ago asking about others knowledge in Howe Sound. That [ie here!] is where I and the BC Marine Trails began our link-up with him. To the right of Chief Williams is the Lieutenant Governor of BC, the Honourable Judy Guichon:


The next is of the Lieutenant Governor presenting a nice image of both marine and land trails connecting all of Canada together. All the dignitaries are lined up behind her:


The next is of the general gathering:


Dancers and singers from the Squamish Nation singing a welcome. One of the three Coast Guard boats is in the background:


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Dignitaries on the beach just prior to the cedar ribbon cutting:


The after ceremony BBQ over on the adjacent Squamish Nation lands. Great food, good laughter, a very interesting historical display by a local historian, much prizes and a perfect conclusion to a great day:


And the instant after the ribbon cutting by an elder of the Squamish Nation and her Honour, the Lieutenant Governor of BC, Judy Guichon. Nick Heath of the BC Marine Trails and Tsawaysia (Alice Guss) of the Squamish Nation hold the cedar ribbon tied between their respective paddles:


So it’s there . . . so it’s starting. . . so it’s really beginning . . . and now it’s up to us all to get out and enjoy: it’s big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful, it’s raw, it’s challenging, you’ll love it. Those who have just paddled it wax eloquent .
But there’s much more we can do here: if the experience meets your satisfaction, support [enthusiasm is best!] our endeavour to bring more camping opportunities – especially to the more southern extents of Howe Sound. This area is but minutes away from high population areas, and yet, and yet, there is a very real possibility that it could become a paddling destination. It’s that dramatic.

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mick_allen said:
So it’s there . . . so it’s starting. . . so it’s really beginning . . . and now it’s up to us all to get out and enjoy: it’s big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful, it’s raw, it’s challenging, you’ll love it.

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That last picture in the first post is awesome! Thanks again Mick, for all the work that you and the rest of the Marine Trails group do.
This looks awesome! I can't wait to paddle it :D
Thanks so much for all involved for all your amazing energy and hard work to make this happen. As a paddler, I really appreciate it! Thanks you, thank you!