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Seattle kayaker looking for people who want to do 1-2 night trips around the islands


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May 2, 2020

I am wondering if there is other solo paddlers or small groups I could join for some kayak camping to the islands or at all in Washington. I unfortunately do not have any kayak buddies and I have taken a couple courses on kayak safety and and open water 5 day course recently but would ideally like to not go out by myself into the Sound. But I am really wanting to get out to some islands. I love being in the lake but am very exciting for more kayaking camping.I know kayak safety, wet exit and reentry, and rescue techniques. Learned how to trip plan and water navigation. I paddle a little more than 4 miles an hour comfortably. Obviously with Covid, being extra cautious and staying distant and we can wear masks and what not. I have a car and can transport my own kayak. No one has posted in this section for a while but figured mine as well give it a go!
Hi Kristin,

I hope your thread here gets some traction and connections.

If you don’t establish connections and were hoping to enjoy some San Juan Islands adventure time before November I think you can do this as a solo paddler so long as you take precautions. The only island I have paddled is Orcas. I have a home at Doe Bay.

I understand your mission statement. But if you make a two plus day trip on your own you could do a mix of car camping and paddling. If you came to Orcas you could do several 2-3 hour paddles from various launch points. Deer Harbor, North Beach, Doe Bay, etc. Doe Island is a tiny state park island with like 5 campsites with kayak friendly beaches. It is a beautiful spot. If you time the tides correctly you can safely stay close to shore, paddle up to Lawrence Point, down to Obstruction Island, etc. I would use a dry suit though. If you want to experience warm fresh water (without a dry suit) then a half day at Mountain Lake is perfect. One of the clearest most deeply colored lakes in the area. You can paddle around and practice wet exits without risking hypothermia. You can also walk around the entire lake which takes about 1.5 - 2 hours. Highly recommended.

The above might not be what you envisoned but if you approach this as a solo mixed paddling, hiking, exploring trip while practicing the whole covid routine I think you would love Orcas...
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Just opened this tread and wonder if Kristin made any contacts. There are several clubs in Seattle that provide training, overnight trips, and paddling partners. Washington Kayak Club is one. Not only do they have on-the-water events, they also have skills training in a local pool. Or at least they did before COVID.

LIving in Central Oregon, I don’t get up to Seattle enough to participate. But I’ve been on a few adventures with them in the past.

Note that parking on Orcas, for an overnight somewhere, could be a challenge. Without giving away “secret” places, North Beach is a good spot to launch for Sucia, If you are lucky, there are three public spaces at Deer Harbor for a launch to Jones. You can also pay a daily fee to park. And there’s another small Ferry Dock to launch for Obstruction Point - offers three day parking.

An Overnight to Jones is a pretty good training run. Far enough away that you have to pack for most kinds of expeditions but close enough to get back if something critical was forgotten.

Note that in the past, state parks were closed on islands serviced by ferry. That means Moran on Orcas ad the San Juan country park on the San Juan Island. So if you plan to spend a night on the island when you get there or before you return to Anacortes, you might check availability.

From the San Juan island, you could launch from Roche Harbor to go to Posey - but it can be expensive. They change a daily parking fee and according to the “cashier” they also change a launch fee - apparently some agreement with guide services on the island. That makes Posey Island kind of expensive.

You could launch and park for free at Rueben Tarte on the San Juan Island, but it’s a bit of a solo paddle from there to Posey. And with Posey being so small, it could be full.

Locals advise never trying to catch the ferry back to Anacortes on a Sunday or Monday. But now that they have the reservation system (with a few spaces for “drive ons”, you can plan that with more certainty.

Kayak camping is a lot of fun. You get to use your accumulated hiking skills/gear, plus add the dynamics of tides/currents. They can be your friend or foe, depending upon how well you do your home work
Thanks for your suggestions. I have looked into the clubs and will likely join at some point. Everything has been either full with a waiting list or cancelled recently though. I’ll probably just go solo I suppose which will be good in a way cause I’ll have to rely on the knowledge I’ve learned and do a little more studying prior as well. I received some top notch teaching and handouts from George at the Kayak Academy. And if ya hear about a lady in her thirties lost at sea that will be me! I’m sure the dolphins will guide me back to safety so I’m not concerned.
Greetings from the Olympic Peninsula.
I am not sure if this thread is still active as I have just joined but thought I would give it a try.
I am mostly a solo kayak/camper and have done so throughout the South Pacific, Florida Keys and the Puget Sound. Recently I have returned to the area and am in the final process of overhauling and updating my kayak and am anticipating my fist few day trips of the year to by in early/mid Feb.
I will be looking at doing some day trips to make sure all my rigging and equipment works, launching from Sequim area. Once I have made sure everything is working as it should, I will be doing a run from Port Angeles to Hood canal bridge.
All of this in preparation of a summer trip Port Angeles to Gulf Islands....(if the border opens up that is)...
Let me know if you are interested.
Have canoe... you just show up with a shuttle car.

Anyone interested in being my second padding a section of the Sammamish to Lake Washington cut? Flat water and narrow. Put in at Sammamish river trailhead. Pullout at Kenmore boat launch. “A three hour tour.“

Sat or Sun In March. Pm me


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