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Sechelt Inlet

Hi Jill,
We have all the sechelt park campsites included, but basically only have parks brochure info.
So if you have any specific information (and photos!) about any of the parks in the sechelt inlet, please put them in the input forum. Photos with descriptions are great as the image backs up the text.

And even better if you have info on campsites that are NOT presently in parks - that would be spectacular.

We were specifically having a problem with what really is going on at Skaiakos Pt. and whether there really is a campground at what is provisionally called Salmon Inlet below:


Any info is good info!
Interesting info. On the point, there is a nice little cove or bay. I don't see any evidence of a camp on google, but a camp, is a camp, is a camp potential . . .
The little speck you see on the beach is a kayak i/ve placed for scale:

Oh that little cove. It's nice, but I wouldn't rate it highly for camping. The brush is thick right off the beach. There are nicer beaches a bit further along. It's a great place to stop for lunch though, somebody has kindly cleared a nice kayak landing ramp free of rocks.


This is the summer camp...

Hi Steven
Now I know what i/m looking at - and see the camp pier/dock/outcropping on the beach:

Could you give any guidance for where the 'nicer beaches' are further along?
At the risk of drifting this thread too much, I'll add some additional info. Not sure about creating a new thread in the Marine Trail section of the forum as I've never, you know, actually camped at these spots. The mods can move this post as they see fit :D

That little cove is a very nice place, I've stopped there a couple of times and used it to collect firewood while camping at Nine Mile Point. Here's a better shot.


Problem is the beach is mostly large rocks, with no good level areas for camping that I noticed.


If you continue a short way up Salmon Inlet there is what appears to be an old cement loading ramp, connecting with the old road. You could probably camp here.



A bit further up the inlet is the infamous summer camp. This place is straight out of a Friday the 13th movie. From the looks of it, many people camp here, but it is private property. It is a gorgeous place, except for the garbage everywhere. I heard that the owners just up and walked away from the place, leaving everything intact. Over the years it's been heavily vandalized. I've tried to keep an ear open to see if the owners are planning a clean up weekend or anything like that. I wouldn't mind pitching in.


The beaches around the camp here seemed to have a bunch of potential camping spots