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Show Off Your Best Paddling Photos!

The Alberta Summer Games are here in town this weekend and the paddle sports are just across the street from our house. This is a frame from a burst sequence at the girls' kayak polo.
You might want to zoom in on #9: she's a real "whirlwind"!


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My Daughters first kayak ride. Onley lasted about 5 minutes but she gets excited when she looks at the kayak.


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It's been a bit of a logistical nightmare trying to get the wallpaper images done from here (I'm in the Broughton for the summer) -- limited (or non-existent) and slow internet has been a bit of a challenge at the best of times, never mind trying to get large files transferred on a painfully slow connection. So, instead of fighting this, I've decided to upload one of my own images for September and will resume posting member images for wallpaper after this. My apologies for this but it really is much easier for me to do the image this month.

Thanks for your understanding and please, keep those images coming.
How much longer, Dan? Maybe if Bruce brings a flash drive, if coming to Sointula, even McNeill. I might need instructions, but have broadband here. Not the best broadband, but better than snailnet.
Thanks Nancy but I'll be home in 3 weeks -- with plenty of time to organize the October wallpaper. Appreciate the offer, though. Thanks.
Siwash Rock with some neat clouds:


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Thanks everyone for posting images in this thread -- there's been some good ones.

I think however that the best way to submit images is simply to post your photos in your trip reports and if anything catches our eye(s), we'll contact you and ask your permission to use them as a monthly calendar wallpaper.

Look forward (as always) to seeing more trip report photos from everyone.