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Side opening drybag with purge valve


Nov 2, 2005
For a number of years I have found the Seattle Sports Latitude drybags useful for packing wet tent body and rainfly in next to the skeg box. I like keeping them separate. The bags are long and narrow, open on the side and have a purge valve. They work great for my needs, however, the purge valves are mechanical and sandy beaches create issues. The current versions don't appear to have any valves at all. http://www.seattlesportsco.com/productc ... 11#details
I would love to find a long, narrow 5-5+ liter side opening drybag with a membrane purge system.
Had not viewed a side opening bag. Good for rolling in a wet tent with a try at order for longevity...of the tent.

Question: why keep a wet tent in a dry bag ? Floatation ?

Roll tent into a towel ? Assuming a sun would appear for drying later.

Making a dry bag is no problem. Seattle Fabrics has vinyl, vinyl glue and hard wear. NRS has purge valves ?

SF vinyl and their listed vinyl glue or NRS vinyl glue gives ' permanent' seams without stitching after careful surface prep. A floor cover of vinyl is used in my van, a road going tool pouch of SF vinyl with 1/2" glued seams holds 15 pounds for years without failures.

A membrane valve is made of what materials ?
links ?
datakoll said:
Question: why keep a wet tent in a dry bag ? Floatation ?

A membrane valve is made of what materials ?
links ?

Lots of times the rainfly will be wet but the tent body not so much. I like keeping them separate so that when I set up the tent the body has not gotten wetter in the hatch. I also don't want wet gear getting the inside of the hatch wet.

The Longitude bags open to allow a rolled rain fly or tent body to be easily placed into the bag (not stuffed), sealed and purged to take up very little space and lay nicely along the skegbox. It's a system that has served me well.

I believe that OR and others use panels of eVent for purging excess air. My most trusted compression dry sacks are by OR using eVent panels, however, feeding a long wet rainfly or tent body into a small opening doesn't achieve my goal. If other long side opening bags with membrane purge valves aren't on the market I'll stick with my SS Longitude bags and plan on cleaning the grains of sand out of the purge valves when needed. Need to remember to bring some tooth picks.

Just hoping that someone has come up with an alternative. I have less than zero interest in fabricating my own.
! Had not noticed these bags. Expensive but limited capacity in production. Fabricating a breathable bag then stuffed into a nylon sack for protection is possible with polyurethane glues.
Less than costs of a factory bag using:
the tent would dry if the fabric is used inside out.
A space aware purge valve closing as the inside pressure stabilized, automatic maximal flotation !

Used the large clear vinyl bag first time on the Long Key trip, bought 5 years ago. Amazing how a dry bag can entertain.
Exped Shrink Bag 20

Jon, I have one of these in the yellow, 20l size, which is shown first in the video and can easily compress down. Mech purge valve but thought I'd share it since finding wide access bags with any kind of purge valve is getting pretty hard to do. The yellow 20l size can be found for about 35 USD. I enjoy the quality and clever design of many of Exped products.


http://www.exped.com/usa/en/product-cat ... ink-bag-20
The Exped is interesting and the closest to meeting my requirements so far. Not too different from what I have other than the size and shape. I like the Exped valves. I use the Synmat7. I t looks like it could maybe roll into a long cylinder. I have access to Exped so I will check it out.