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Six years ago today...

Earlier tonight I posted another topic on this forum, and realized I joined this community in September of 2005, just six months after it was first started. Had no idea it was so new at the time. I want to thank all the administrators for all the work they do. I don't post often, but am always lurking. It is a great resource. Keep up the good work, and Happy, Happy, Birthday!
Quickbeam, the same observation here. When I joined over five years ago (do not remember how I learned about WCP) it felt already very mature, established and with some authority. The network added extra dimension to my paddling experience, especially with its spring get togethers.

Thanks to all organizers for excellent work and enthusiasm, young energy and acceptance of old farts. Well done!!!!

Hope to stick around for a few more years; feel much younger between all of you.
Happy belated BDay WCP. When I joined, last year, I was a little nervous to do my first post. This was due to my whereabouts. But you made me feel welcomed and showed what a true community should be like. The only thing that you care about, from a persons location is, is there good paddling to be done :lol:

Thanks for the advice given so far and for the good read.

I wish you many more years of good advice, terrific photos and goodhearted laughs.

:clap: :clap: :clap:
I remember Dan telling me about this site at Rod Tait's meet at the beach. Was it that long ago? Congratulations and happy birthday!! I enjoy reading the trip reports and check here daily. Thanks for the great site.
Thanks for the forum, all! It is especially thearaputic to those of us temporarily gibbled and unable to actually paddle for a while...Especially enjoyed the photos and trip stories from 'the lost season..'
pryaker said:
Dan_Millsip said:
On Friday, March - 18th 2005,

Wow that's my B-day also, though there's a few more candles on my cake!

Thanks to all of you who keep the forum running and to all the regulars for your input. Looking forward to many more years of enlightenment.


Ditto. My birthday, too.