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Skin On Frame For Me!

Stumpy, the batten that I inserted into the kayak frame was a very helpful guide for sewing the seam straight. I know it wouldn't have been very straight without it.

It took me approximately 8 hours to sew this far... including the first stitches on the bow and stem to hold the nylon in place. There were a few spots that I went over to make sure I didn't have any gaping holes between stitches and I also had to remove a few stitches here and there and redo them.

I hope to have the final seam done Saturday, then I can start figuring how to sew the cockpit rim in.



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Do I see another new build in the background?
Any photos of that build?

I have really enjoyed watching you craftsmanship in action.

Jill said:
Wow, the frame is so beautiful. All that work and hours..... looks so fine !
Thanks so much Jill.

Roy222 said:
Do I see another new build in the background?
Any photos of that build?

I have really enjoyed watching you craftsmanship in action.

Thanks Roy. The other build is Doug's. We started them together with the idea that I would watch each step as he did his and then I could do mine. It has really been helpful. Many times I have gone over to his kayak and run my fingers along parts of it to get the "feel" for a certain angle or to see how much he sanded his, etc. It was very helpful on days when he wasn't out in the shop with me and I could just have a look at his kayak and see how it should be done. There aren't a lot of pictures of it as it mostly mirrors my own.

I finished sewing up the stern end with the first seam.

Then I sewed in the finishing seam. It is not perfect but neither am I :lol:

Today I got the cockpit ready to be sewed in. I put masking tape around it so as not to mark the cockpit rim itself and then I marked out lines 1 inch a part for the holes that I will drill into it.

Then I made up a spacer and drilled a hole 3/16" from the edge. I just moved it over to each line as I drilled the holes.

Then I cleaned up the holes with a counter bore bit and sanded the little burrs off.

This weekend I will start on sewing in the cockpit. I have butterflies in my belly thinking about it!




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Pretty exciting day! I sewed the cockpit rim in! I was very apprehensive about this part but it really turned out well. It took me 3 1/2 hours but it went by very fast. After I put some electrical tape around the lashing on the rim I then strapped the cockpit rim in place, making sure that it was centered.

I started to cut the skin out by taking a small chunk from the centre.

I started to pull the skin up as tight as I could and then clamped it as I went around the rim.

I removed the clamps one a time and pushed nails through every second hole. I put the nail just below the hole and as I pushed it through the skin I pushed it upward and into the hole. This way it pulled the skin up and kept the tension really tight.

I then trimmed off any excess skin.

I then folded in the raw edge of the skin and started sewing.


I am pretty happy with it! Very exciting for me to have reached this point. I won't be able to get to the gooping until the long weekend. So close.........



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I have been waiting for this day to come for a long time. After 127 days in the shop and 227 hours I have a skin on frame kayak! And she is beautiful! I just have to wait for the goop to set up then I can put in the deck lines.

I took a few pictures of the frame with the skin before the goop.

I used the Spirit Lines Polyurethane with a black color pigment. I followed the directions precisely and it went pretty good. I had a few moments of panic while gooping the kayak as I was working against time and it takes a while before you get the feel for it. I first watched Doug as he did the hull of his SOF to get an idea of how to go about it, then I got started.

I put 3 coats on the hull and then left it to set up overnight. I went out this morning and did 3 coats on the deck.

Doug did his SOF in a really nice brown.

After a bit of a hunt and a trip to Sumas WA I found some white latigo leather. It is going to just pop on the deck of that shiny black SOF! Using the instructions from Cunningham's book Doug made a jig for us to cut our latigo.

This week coming up I will be making up some deck fittings with some antlers that we have and then when the goop has set up nicely I will put the deck lines and deck fittings on! It won't be long now until the Maiden Voyage!



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Lila; Both your and Doug's boats are absolutely gorgeous!

I think the combination of white deck lines against the sleek black deck will be outstanding!

Can't wait to see more. I'm sure they'll paddle as beautifully as they look!

Amazing work, you should be very proud. I check regularly for updates and went through the whole thread with my daughter the other day.

I have to ask on your finish, did you tip off with a brush? (Looks so perfect) Also are you going to be able to wait on the deck rigging to get it wet?
Amazing work, Lila. That boat will be a fun one to paddle. Even more amazing to me is that you seem to be wearing the same sweater or whatever, and it is not covered in glue, lashings, paint or other things that stick to me in volume when I do boat work. I think you should refer to it as your Teflon barrier. :cool :lol:
Thanks everyone! Once again your comments and praise make the effort of posting my build so worth while!.
Stumpy said:
Come on, spring!!
Stumpy, I'm not waiting for spring!! But I will wait for the deck rigging. I think / hope that it will be on by the end of this week.

BigandSmall said:
did you tip off with a brush?
No, I just used the scraper that comes with the poly and it only looks perfect in the picture! :lol: Looking at it up close you can clearly see how it is not perfect, but I have a feeling that they are supposed to be "not perfect". I did use a small art paintbrush to apply the poly to the skin on the inside of the cockpit and to touch up some spots under the cockpit ring where I couldn't get enough of the poly to ensure good waterproofing coverage. I was quite pleased to hear that you shared my build with your daughter. Thank you so much.

Dave, I have worn that old sweater of Doug's that he was about to toss out almost every day working on my kayak, and I never thought about it, but you are right... it has come out unscathed. But my not my hands... they are a mess this weekend. Covered in black poly! Should have worn gloves the first day. I have tried paint thinner, nail polish remover, sugar in soap, and while it is starting to fade a bit they are still a mess. I guess time will be the only thing to clean them. I wear it like a badge of honor!

Thanks again guys! I will be posting some photos of my deck rigging building!


Re: "Perfect finish:" Last summer I met some paddlers at a launch point and we were disussing the quality of our boats' finishes. We all agreed that we were somewhere between "five-foot" and "ten-foot" quality. Any distance greater than those numbers meant "perfection" to the observers on shore. For those of us on the water, who cares?

Enjoy what you've built!

Finally! After a total of 238 hours (138 days) I have finished my SOF. I am over the moon in love with it!!

I spent 3 hours today out in the shop cutting down antlers and drilling holes for the latigo to pass through. I sanded the ends of the antler down so there are no sharp edges. Then I pulled the latigo through pre drilled holes.

I was really hoping to take it out tomorrow for the maiden voyage but it looks like it will be pretty windy here tomorrow so I guess I will have to wait for next weekend. In the meantime I can't take my eyes off it! I will definitely post pictures of the maiden voyage!

Over the winter here I have been practicing a roll and I am happy to say that last night I was able to knock off a bunch (10 or more) with no help! The timing couldn't be better! I will be trying a roll on the maiden voyage.

I want to thank everyone who has shared my building experience. I really appreciate all the kind comments I have received. And a Special Thanks to all who have contributed to my build by making suggestions and or answering my questions along the way. I sincerely hope that I will see you on the water some day, you can't miss me... I will be in the sleek black SOF with the biggest smile!

I think my next project will be a Greenland paddle to go with my SOF. I will likely post a picture or two of that along the way.



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Doesn't look like that 8" dusting you got wants to leave David. Is that normal weather for your neck of the woods?
How did you do the scale type artwork on the kayak near the bottom? I'm assuming it's skinned in canvas or polyester? The colors and lines look really sharp. I'm thinking of doing the next kayak in polyester because it looks like there's more finishing options and it won't necessarily produce a glossy finish like goop does.
Hope it warms up for you soon,

Doug, they're all nylon, the one with the scales is 8oz, with a very smooth finish to the cloth... I've forgotten what the weave is called, but, when I first got it, I thought it was cotton duck cloth, until I hit it with my hot knife. The rest are 12oz cordura, 1200d. All are finished with marine grade waterborne poly, which allows me to get creative with acrylics as I'm building up the finish... the one on the bottom actually has a bright red dragon on the deck, but he's buried in the snow.