So, thoughts on the demise of Mountain Equipment Co-op?


Dec 12, 2019
Greater Vancouver, BC
How quaint! :)
We old hippies have to get with the New World Order (corporate version 2.0) or get out of the way, I think!
Reading that the lyrics of Old Hippie by the Bellamy Brothers just flashed through my mind. But re MEC. It sure has changed since I first visited them in 86 and shortly after that joined myself. I remember the store behind Wendy's at 6th and Cambie. I once went there for something out of season. I don't remember what it was but the salesman said they had some in the back. I followed him but stopped to wait at the "employees only" warehouse door thinking that he would bring it out to me, but when he realized that I hadn't followed him, he came back to invite me to come into the warehouse to see and choose for myself. That's when they sold quality products at good value. And the staff knew the products.