SOLD! - BorealDesign Ellesmere 17' kelvar - for sale $2,700CAD


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Jan 1, 2019
Beautiful, high performance boat. It is around 12 -13 years old and is in great shape. This Ellesmere is from before BD sent their manufacturing overseas, so designed and made in Canada. Always stored indoors, typical use scratches on the bottom, nothing structural or deep. Hatches are dry and original hatch covers are in great shape and have been regularly treated with 303. I replaced all deck lines and bungies last spring. This is a skeg boat and I found the skeg trouble-free and easy to keep clean.

This boat is great for a small to medium sized paddler, so if you have a smaller frame and have been struggling to find a boat that fits well - this might be the one! It is in kevlar, so the weight is only 47lb. The boat has an ocean cockpit, which I quite like, as it minimizes water seepage and brings the deck closer to my reach. You don't need to be a Houdini to get in and out, but a bit more flexibility is required than with the typical keyhole. I have read reviews from bigger paddlers who enjoy this boat, but when my hubby attempts to take it for a spin, a lot of cursing happens as he gets in and out! So probably more of a flexibility thing rather than size.

This Ellesmere rolls beautifully, behaves exceptionally well in rough seas, and doesn't weathercock much due to low profile. It is super fun to paddle, holds a good amount of gear for its slim silhouette, and is easy to pack. I have done a number of week-long trips in it and did not have any issues. This boat will feel tippy to a novice paddler, but an experienced paddler will appreciate its maneuverability and excellent edging. Great boat to grow your skills in.

The boat is in Vancouver and I can deliver or bring out for a try within Lower Mainland (once the temporary restrictions are lifted). Comes with spray skirt and cockpit cover. Feel free to call or text 604-600-3738 Katya.

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Mar 26, 2010
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Thanks for the cockpit opening dimensions, kyushmanova. The cockpit is too short for this elderly, semi-inflexible guy. I had an Ellesmere some years ago with a longer cockpit opening. In either case, the Ellesmere is a really fine kayak.