SOLD! - Brand new MSR Quick 2 System cooking set, $120

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Feb 14, 2019
For all you campers out there, I have one unused MSR Quick 2 System, which is a fantastic set of two pots, two cups, and two bowls that all fit into the largest, a 2.5L hard-anodized aluminum pot. It's lightweight, non-stick and comes in original box. I was going to post on UsedVic but wanted to give the folks here first dibs. I've found that my 25 year old MSR pots aren't quite ready to be shelved just yet, so I don't need this new set.
  • Two-person backpacking cookset is lightweight (1 pound 12 ounces), compact (packed size 7.75 x 5 inches), and efficient for backcountry trips
  • Includes 1.5L hard-anodized non-stick aluminum pot, 2.5L hard-anodized aluminum pot, strainer lid, 2 deep dish plates, 2 insulated mugs, pot handle
  • Camp cookware features a smaller non-stick coated pot for sauces and simmers, and a larger uncoated pot for boiling water and meal prep
  • Polypropylene deep-dish plates can accommodate any meal, and 12.5-ounce mugs are insulated with sip-thru lids; plates and mugs are color-coded
  • All cook set components nest within the 2.5L pot for easy packing; set can be adapted to size of group and length of trip
After tax, this goes in most stores for about $150 or more. Parting with this kit for just $120, OBO. I'm in Fernwood, Victoria and you're welcome to stop by to check it out. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


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