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SOLD! - Mariner XL Expedition Kayak.


Sep 17, 2012

NOTE: The rear cleat has been removed. Instructors considered it "unsafe" - something to get hung up on.

My Mariner XL is for sale, $1200, on commission, at KayakersGoCoastal.
Rhonda G Schwab
3915 S 12th Street
Tacoma, Wa 98405

This red decked, yellow hull beauty was the last XL made (#249). Design details can be found at http://www.marinerkayaks.com It's fast and can hold lots of gear with easy loading - no struggling with little dry bags pushed through small hatches.

The following modifications have been professionally made to the basic design by KayakersGoCoastal.
1. BlueWater electric pump added
2. Yakama peddles replaced originals that would slip toward the seat too easily
3. More traditional deck rigging was added.
4. Not shown in the photo above - the rear cleat was removed - a clean back deck
5. Shelf for paddle float, pump, or iPad Mini added under deck.
6. Keel strip added for hull protection on WA beaches
7. a Silva LB70 handheld and deck mounted compass (deck mount and Pelican case included)

The original peddles and deck rigging are included along with a SnapDragon spray skirt, bow and stern float bags, and some misc gear (duffle and dry bags).
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Here are a few more photos of my XL - for sale at KayakersGoCoastal in Tacoma, WA.


The first is some of the gear for a trip. I like to load everything in the before leaving home - to get a sense of where it will go, weight balance, etc. I carry it empty on the Jeep - or just have paddles, spray skirt, pfd pump, float bag in the covered cockpit during travel.


The second is a landing at the North end of Stuart Island (the boat docks). Instead of landing at the boat ramp, continue around the corner just a bit. Note that I always tie my boat and I didn't put the boat on the other side of the log because with the space available, it would have blocked the path up to shore a little. The next night, when I was the only one there, I moved it behind the log.
Here's a bump to keep this current. I'll be off on a two week adventure around the 14th but this boat is not with me. It's at KayakersGoCoastal in Tacoma WA. Rhonda can answer any questions; she did most of the professional work. Her contact info is in the first post.