SOLD! - Men's Brand New Dry Suit $620 CAD


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Apr 8, 2020
I have a brand new quality dry suit for sale. It's made in China by a well known manufacturer of Lenfun. The size is medium/small suitable for a 5'4/5'3 person. Asking for $620.00 CAD. I live in Victoria, BC Canada.


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Minbiao - Welcome!

I know that you use a drysuit yourself. Is your suit from the same company that made the one you are selling?
How long have you used your personal suit, and is it working well?
Thanks for the greeting John! I bought my current drysuit from the well-known outdoors company, Lunfen in 2019 and used it quite often, one or two times a week year-round for the past 3 years. It's still like new and working very well. I would ask my fellow kayakers to release me after each paddle as it is a back zipper drysuit. So I placed an order to purchase a front zipper drysuit of the same type from the same company and told them that I lost more than 20 pounds since 2019. They shipped me 10 days ago a front zipper drysuit that is a little too small for me. I hope this brand new front zipper drysuit can meet someone's need. Cheers
They shipped me 10 days ago a front zipper drysuit that is a little too small for me.
It's difficult to 'translate' the Size Chart when getting clothing from China - another local paddler we both know bought a Chinese drysuit a few years ago and found the sleeves were about 3-4" too short, as I recall. It shows the problem when even you (who speak Chinese) have a similar problem!
My case is different. Lenfun is a great outdoors company that makes quality and true size drysuits. They semi-customized my current drysuit by choosing the large size for me and just shortening the leg part to meet my height. Because I lost more than 20 pounds since the purchase in 2019, they chose the medium size for me when making this new front zipper drysuit, which is one inch shorter for me as I'm 5'5-5'6.
I'm abut 5'10" and weigh abut 165 lbs - I wear a M drysuit from companies in Canada/USA/UK.
It sounds like a M suit from Lenfun would be much too small for me?
a L suit from Lenfun might fit you well. Please see the screen shot.


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I am a freak I guess.
According to that chart I would need an X-Small for height,(5 foot 6 inches) an X Small for leg length (28 inches) an Medium for sleeve (26 inches)---- but an XX Large for chest (47 Inches) , an Medium for waist,(34 inches) an X Large for the neck (17-1/2"Inches)

It seems doubtful I could get any dry suit to fit without having one made custom sized, which is WAY out of reach for me financially.
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SZihn, I feel your pain. We could almost be twins (if I worked on that waist size a little more). I'm mentioned it so many times I should check to see if it is still true - Kokatat used to (maybe still does) offer a semi-custom drysuit for $50 extra. It's "semi" because they don't tailor it to your exact measurements. What they do is combine arms/legs/chest from their stock sizes. So you can order a suit with size XS legs, M sleeve, XL chest, M neck ... that sort of thing.

Kokatat is sort of a premium price item, but I think they have a lifetime style warranty. I have a decades-old paddle jacket; not a Dry top, but has wrist gaskets. I keep thinking I'll send it in for "renewal" but there's nothing wrong with it. If I do buy from them, I'll definitely pay the extra $50 to get something that fits better.

Be careful with NRS gear. I don't know who they base their sizes on but I have to get XL for some of their gear whereas a size M from other vendors fits fine.
Thanks Cougarmeat.
I just went to their web site. They do indeed offer some sizing, but the total would be at or a bit more then $1700.

That's more then any 3 kayaks I have bought, COMBINED. It fact it's close to the amount I have spent on our best 4 kayaks combined.

And my time between "wet-suit water" and thick ice is only about 2 weeks, so I can't justify spending $1700 on a suit I'd ware for such sort periods of time. At my age I doubt I'd live long enough to get $1700 worth of use from such a suit. I like what they offer, but it's for richer men then me. I can't spend that much even if I wanted to. Living expenses for me dictate not spending that much money very often, and the times I have had that much laying around with nothing of a higher priority to spend it on would probably be 2-3 times in the last 66 years. I do not foresee having a "spare $1700" for a while.

I have a water system I am saving up for now, to back up the windmill with a 24 volt DC solar electric system, and we also need to spend some on maintenance on the trucks as well as some new fencing. At my age, and with a failing US economy looking as if it's going to get worse before it gets better, I am not seeing a time very soon where having $1700 to spend on a dry suit that I will not use all that much is very likely.

Our water supply and our produce garden have to take priority over such things. If I were 15 years younger I might have a different outlook, and if I am blessed in the future I may change my mind, but for now I can't justify that amount of cash for something I really don't need that badly.

They sure do look nice though.
Yup, that's how I see it too Jurfie.
I was out both days over the weekend. It was fun and the lake surface was actually quite calm as compared to how it often is. I now am wearing my mitts and last night my Pogies too because the water is cold enough to become "not fun" in a few minutes. But I do have my layers and thick wet suit so I am warm and I can even roll or swim for 5 minutes of so before I start to feel uncomfortable. So I am still paddling. How much longer is up to God and what he does with the temperature. Tomorrow is the 1st of November and in November we can't say when it will get cold, but the night it does it will be VERY cold and either freeze the water over, ot make it too cold to be fun or even safe.
So my season is almost gone for 2022,------- but I'll get in every hour I can from what's left of it. I will try to get out this afternoon again. Every day that's left is a trip I can enjoy so I want to get as much as I can before the long freeze.