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SOLD! - Tahe Greenland OC with Greenland Paddle $1500

Alex Matthews

Mar 25, 2015
Tahe Greenland OC kayak for sale. 17' 10" long x 19 & 3/4" wide, this is a true low volume Greenland style kayak that really excels for rolling. The incredibly low stern deck is something of a revelation for any layback rolls, and makes sculling and rolling incredibly easy. The 'OC' designation refers to the kayak's 'Ocean Cockpit' - a very small traditional Greenland style cockpit measuring only 19 & 3/4" x 15 & 3/4". The overall fit is 'very snug'.
If you don't have an interest in more traditional Greenland style paddling, then this is very unlikely to be the boat for you. It is a truly low volume kayak (so not a suitable platform for touring), but is great for day trips, and fantastic for developing a myriad of different rolls and sculling etc.
2 hatches, 2 bulkheads. The skeg does a good job of keeping the kayak running straight in wind.
Comes with a somewhat tatty spray skirt (modified by the previous owner), and a nice Greenland paddle.
Boat is in good shape, with the usual scratches and scuffs from use. Located in Esquimalt (Victoria BC).
Think that I've only ever posted to West Coast Paddler once or twice before, and long ago, (but I'm a longtime lurker though), so please forgive me if I struggle a little figuring out how to respond to messages etc :)


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Good point about prospective buyers wanting to know more info - thanks, Nootka!
As I’m not the original owner, I don’t know the year of manufacture. Some kayaks’ serial numbers will indicate this, but this Tahe Greenland has the following number: 0033863. So no clues there.
The pedals are what we used to call plastic ‘keepers’ at Necky. Because the cockpit is so short, once in the boat, you have to adjust them with your feet. It’s actually not hard to do once you get the knack. And of course, once set, you tend to leave them where they are anyway. Some folks may well opt to remove the pedals and foam out the front bulkhead for foot support.


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For reference my Tahe has serial # 38481 and was purchased Apr 2012. So Alex's is older by a few months which makes it a 2nd generation - as I recall the 1st gen had some issues.

It's a wonderful kayak for rolling, and it's quite fast. Not enough buoyancy for surfing. Mike Jackson took his on a trip through Seymour Narrows, where there was some rough water.
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Another reference:
I bought a Greenland in 2010.
Ordered in Jan, picked up in April
sn: 33244

still have and use it, mostly just for rolling practice/play
Personally I prefer the LC cockpit as it lets you get a bit lower on the back deck (especially if you are no longer young & ultra flexible).
We can't really use Stika as an example as he is wearing a pfd, but in the following video at 1:41 you can see the roller fully back on the rear deck.