SOLD! - Tahe Zegul Greenland kayak with ocean cockpit


Jun 19, 2012
Vancouver, BC
Testing the waters to see if there might be interest in my Zegul (tahe) Greenland kayak. It has the ocean cockpit, so likely only appealing to a small number of small or extremely nimble kayakers who like to roll and/or travel light. Orange deck and hull, black deck lines etc.

Purchase in 2014 as part of a fundraiser to get James Manke to Greenland (it was a success, btw). It has seen very few hours of use, as it has been my second kayak until very recently. Other than a couple of shallow scratches on the hull, it's in immaculate condition. Always stored indoors until the past few months.

I only have the space and time to justify owning one kayak, so considering selling it this summer and going back to a more traditional style ocean kayak that I can use for trips as well as day paddles.

Located in Vancover bc.

I'd love to get $3000 for it, however open to reasonable offers. Feel free to PM or email me at with any questions or to request more photos. Thanks for looking.


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