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SOLD! Valley Aleut II Double Kayak (Two-Piece Take-Apart) CAD $3,600


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Jan 1, 2019
Valley Aleut II Double Kayak (Two-Piece Take-Apart)

The Valley Aleut II is one of the best ocean double kayaks on the market. Manufactured in Nottingham, England, Valley Sea Kayaks are known for their combination of performance, stability, and durability. The Aleut II is no exception, bringing high-performance design to a boat that is well suited for serious expeditions, but stable and roomy enough for an overnight camping trip with the family.

This 22’ Fibreglass boat is a large double kayak with an ample central storage hatch, built-in rear foot pump and built-in deck compass. It is also designed to come apart into two sections that can be quickly and easily rejoined before launch using a simple ratchet and wrench (included with the boat). The two-part feature makes storing the kayak much easier, as well loading and carrying it on a roof rack, or shipping it for international expeditions. The sections fit together snugly, and form a solid connection and watertight seal.

The kayak’s slim hull makes it a fast paddler, while the large central hatch (and ample front and rear hatches as well) make it the perfect boat for two-person expeditions. Alternately, the central hatch can be opened up and used as a third cockpit for a child or water-loving pet.

This boat is in near-perfect condition. Manufactured in 2002, it has been used mostly for gentle touring. The gel-coat on the deck is in excellent condition, and retains its shine and colour. There are a few cosmetic scratches on the hull, but none that compromise the structural integrity of the boat. The hatch covers seal well, and the rear cover is brand new. The bungees and deck lines are also in good shape. The boat comes with Neoprene cockpit covers, and an attractive and durable wooden rudder, as well as an unused spare.

This is a fantastic boat at a fantastic price. New, The Aleut II with Take-Apart feature sells for around CAD $7600, plus shipping from England. It is a rare find, especially in Western Canada. Here is a link to the Valley website:

We are based in Vancouver, BC, and will be happy to deliver the kayak to your residence in the Lower Mainland, or bring it out so that you can take it for a spin.

Please feel free to call Ben at 604.445.7558, or Katya at 604.600.3738 For more information or to schedule a viewing.