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SOLD - Wilderness Systems Tempest 180 Pro $1100 USD


New Member
Jun 30, 2023
Here's an opportunity to get a rare boat--the ultimate expedition and rough water kayak! Since WS stopped manufacturing fiberglass boats, most owners keep these for life. And I would keep this for life too, as this is my favorite boat in the water, but my worsening mobility issues due to osteoarthritis in my ankle make it too difficult for me to get this boat in and out of the water, so I have been forced to move to a smaller boat.

18’ length
23” beam
13” deck depth
36x20 cockpit

It's a joy to paddle especially in the lumpy water. Hardly any corrective strokes needed. Skeg tracks great but you rarely need it as it has an extended keel hull that tracks so well. The boat just goes where you’re looking. Three bulkheads. Absolutely no leaks, all 3 hatches are watertight. Skeg operation is buttery smooth--lubed with Boeing's Boeshield T-9.

It is exceptionally stable with the 23 inch beam, and can easily handle the roughest stuff out there. When needed, a wet exit and re-entry is super easy with the cockpit opening designed for larger paddlers (takes a Seals 1.7 or Snap Dragon XL spray skirt). I'm 6'2" and can get in butt first, and bring in my legs afterwards without ever scraping my shins.

It's a high volume boat for a large paddler, or for carrying tons of gear. I love taking it camping. With 400 pound carrying capacity, you can carry the kit for your entire expedition (dutch oven included) no problem! The only downside is that as a bigger boat, it is big. The factory weight listing was 65lbs. But you don't buy a boat to carry it, you buy a boat to paddle it. And this is the best all around boat I've paddled.

This boat is in amazing condition! It is bombproof, and there is literally nothing wrong with her. Has a keel strip added to protect the gel coat on beach/pebble launches and landings. The thigh braces are reinforced with fiberglass (you can see this especially on the one in the right in the pictures). Deck polished and waxed. Gel coat is smooth. New bungy rigging.

The boat is 10 years old (manufactured in 2013). Over the years it has required some glass work on the inside of the hull to firm up soft spots. It is 100% good to go now.


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