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Some news about AstoriaDave

Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

Well, I'm afraid that my first words when I read this were not very pretty. I have had the pleasure of meeting Dave several times (and emailing with him many times) and was so shocked to read this on here...I just don't know what to say. Dave is a wonderful, wonderful person with a huge heart. If anyone can have grace in this moment, it is Dave. I am so sad. I last saw Dave in September in the BG. We knew he was there and were hoping to see him. I left him a note on his truck in case we missed each other. We ran into him and his buddy out on the water though and when we met, he gave me a hugest across the kayaks hug! We chatted for a bit and each went on our ways again. Later that day, some of us ran into him again - and he had another huge cross-kayak hug for me. I won't forget that - I'm thinking, in retrospect, that was Dave saying good-bye. Please give Dave all my best prayers and wishes Dan...and tell him that he is a Good Man and one that I am very proud to know! Stay strong Dave! :hug
Thanks for letting us know Dan and for passing messages on...


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Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

This is sad news indeed. Dave always has great words of wisdom and insight for all of us, and he was particularly helpful with my kayak building progress. He will be greatly missed. Please pass along my heartfelt thanks, thoughts, and prayers.

Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

I am very sadden to read about Dave's condition. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to know Dave, better. I did greatly appreciate the responses to my inquires.

Regardless of how many times a question was asked, Dave would answer it, just as a father would answer to his child, with great patience. I have enjoyed reading his posts, even if some of them went right over my head. But most of the time I have found them very instructional.

The image I have made of Dave is one of a fatherly figure or as the Patriarch of this community.

My heartfelt thoughts go to him, Becky and his loved ones. May your sufferings be minimal and a cure found before it is to late.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

I don't know the man other than from his posts, which show vast knowledge and level-headed attitude that I've come to respect over the years of being on this forum. When time comes,may he go in peace and to a better place if there is one.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

Hope you rally ADave. I have learned lots from your posts and enjoyed reading about your Bartender build. Sending you all my good vibes and positive energy.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

It is with great sadness that I reply to this post. Like others, I have noticed the absence of this warm and welcoming WCP member. Ironically, I have said out loud on numerous occasions that one of my goals was to go to Oregon to meet Dave. I was enchanted by this online presence with a warm heart. It is amazing that a kind and caring community can be built out of written words, a forum, and genuine individuals.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

Sorry to hear this news. I have been reading Dave Kruger's postings since the mid 90's on Paddlewise and I always hoped to meet him one day - I'm sorry that never happened. Some of Dave's writings can be found at: http://www.paddlewise.net/stories/ (along with other writers, including some you will know).

Best wishes to Dave and the people close to him during this tough time.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

Very sad news indeed. I will pass this on to PeterO who had been communicating actively with Dave on paddle wise.

May Dave get better
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

This is surprising and sad news that leaves me with a loss of words. I will keep him in my thoughts.

Mark Sanders
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

On the wild water of outer coast of V.I., last weekend, I was just thinking how helpful A Dave has been ever since my first day of kayak making. I was thinking he is absent due to his dad's passing I read on a paper, but I never thought he is ill.
Dave helped and shared joy of kayaking with so many people like me.
Hoping the best for Dave and family.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

Very sad to hear we are losing a great member of the paddling family. my heart goes out to you Dave and your family.

Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

:clap: I would like to thank Astoria Dave for all his contributions to this site and the rare times he and I pm'd. Like Stumpy, he brings a sagacious set of reflections to the often times disparate discourse on this site. Hope we all get to ride a wave with you in our next iterations Dave. Best to you and your family. - Les
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

My first postings on a forum on anykind was the Folbot Forum. I'm glad you were there Dave. You were friendly,
readily willing to share, and I'm sure you saved me pain and $$. (Too spend somewhere else.)
Your presence here on the WCP made it a most welcome site as well, I was comfortable signing up.
Especially have enjoyed your feedback on boat building and the b'tender build was :big_thumb
Like I said years ago, You are the Real Deal. When I do my annual solstice run to the A.I. in a couple
weeks I'll be thinking of you ... No shit Bro.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

I don't know Astoria Dave, but just had to add my sentiments. I've always read his posts with interest, and remember one occasion when I got involved in a topic on this site where it got a little heated. Nothing really bad, but there were some definite differences of opinion and some opinions were getting put forward with some emphasis. Who jumped in, cooled the waters, and did his best to mediate the discussion - Astoria Dave. That one post always stuck with me.

Please know A.D., that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

I'm so sorry to learn of Dave's condition, and of his current status. I've enjoyed Dave's contributions both here and on the Paddlewise email list for years now. Though my own participation in these online communities has been minimal/non-existent for a while now (too busy paddling, trying to spend less time online, more time outside, etc.), I do "check in" now and again, and today's "check in" is a sad one indeed.

No need to mention me specifically, but if/when you do get a chance to speak with Dave again, know that my thoughts as well are with him, Becky, and all their many friends, and family.

Love you, Dave!
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

An update...

I just got off the phone with Dave -- it's been difficult trying to connect with him over the past week (several phone calls to Becky but I was unable to speak with Dave).

Dave told me that his condition is worsening but from what I could tell, he seems to be in fairly good spirits. He is no longer able to read printed materials because of all the fungus that is attached to the paper. He said that he has been unable to read newspapers for several weeks and now cannot read any books that are brought in from outside. He's keeping busy doing chores and stuff around the house but I sense that he's getting quite bored.

He asked that I pass on a message to everyone to let you know that he's regretful that he wasn't able to meet up with and spend time with more people from this community and that he appreciates very much all the warmth and well wishes from everyone here. He has had some of the posts read to him over the past couple of weeks and said that hearing what everyone has said has given him a great deal of comfort.

He talked today again about how much he treasures the West Coast of the Island and that it is one of the places that offered some relief for him -- he referred to it as a genuine treasure -- something which I think we can all agree upon. He mentioned also that the trip to the Gulf Islands a few years ago for the WCP spring campout where we gave him a paddle, was most likely one of his worst (with regard to his condition) because of the amount of fungus in the environment at that particular time -- but he said that he has no regrets having come up for the campout and that it gave him opportunity to meet several people from the site -- for that he is grateful and he asked me once again to pass on that he feels very fortunate to have met some really great people here.

He is taking anti-fungal medication but the fungus is taking over and he said that although one cannot estimate how much longer he has but it's getting increasingly more difficult for him to breath and there's no sign of any improvement. He feels that his time now is very, very short.

He said that the message that I posted here obviously made the rounds and people on other discussion boards have been reading it as well. As a result of my post, he said that he received quite a number of phone calls. He asked me again to pass on that while he appreciates the sentiment he does not wish for people to phone him -- it's very difficult for him to talk on the phone and again today, he had to cut our call short because it was getting uncomfortable.

I'll be calling him again next weekend before I head off on a three week trip and will give another update then.

I'd also like to thank everyone here for your caring and compassionate thoughts about Dave -- the comments are making their way to him and I think it does make a difference to him during this difficult time.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

Thanks for the update Dan.

Funny: like several other people who have posted on this thread, I was also just thinking of Dave a couple of days ago while paddling. He's been a model participant on this forum, helping to set a thoughtful, well informed, ego-free tone to various conversations. I had been missing his presence here for the last few months.

I wish him and Becky well.
Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave

I just got off the phone with Dave. He sounded pretty good and his spirits seemed high but he said that mornings are much, much better than evenings and the past few nights have been particularly rough. He said that his condition is still rapidly deteriorating but he's hanging in there. Holding down food now for him is becoming very difficult.

He asked me once again to pass on a thank you to everyone on the site for the pleasant past few years -- he said that getting to know people on this site made things much better for him -- more than any of us will likely know.

I'll be giving him a call again next week.