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Some news about AstoriaDave

Yah, made my night yesterday when I saw your name as a responder.
:clap: Another friendly "wave" to your paddles Dave. I know you can handle it given your enjoyment of surf launches in Haida Gwai
Well, I just happened to be driving by Astoria this past weekend and had to stop in and see for myself that our good friend AstoriaDave was still alive and kicking. He is. What's more, he resides where the only living American relative of the Bald Eagle family lives! We drove over 5000km and the only bald eagle we saw at all was the one keeping an eye on him and his neighborhood. Dave, you must have made a friend there too! Best of all - despite the hardship he is dealing with now...he is still laughing!
Delighted to see you again Dave!
Hugs from the papersailors,
Thanks to the Visiting Vixens From Stewart, my stature with the guys in the neighborhood has risen. The older Finnish lady next door wonders what the VVFS t-shirt signifies. I told her it was a leftover from some Canadian buddies. Sorry you and Sandy could not hang around for the Chippendale guys, but I sent them next door. I heard some new Finnish words from the neighbor ... I will have to ask her for a translation.

The eagle sends his regards. I will dry them a little and mail them to Kelowna.
Craig Jungers, sometime WCP participant, has ressurrected some of the trip reports I put up, years ago and is collating them here: http://www.nwkayaking.net/?page_id=350 Most detail trips on the Lower Columbia River, with several set in BC, and a few others in Willapa Bay, in SW Washington. They went dark when Wes Boyd discontinued his web site. Craig used the Wayback Machine to find these.