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Tempest 180 pro? (Is this really my Unicorn)


New Member
May 17, 2021
Victoria BC
I was hoping someone in the Victoria area would have a 180 I could try
I paddled one 8 or 9 years ago and remember it fondly I used it for lessons and some day trips before the shop I was at sold it.
I know they are far and few between but do come up occasionally and would like to see if I am just being nostalgic.
I am back in town as of Monday for a couple weeks and for the most part free any time
Offering coffee beer or ice cream as well as my GT HV while I test drive
Thanks in advance
(Trying to see if I should just give up on the dream)
I'm guessing you've already put "Tempest 180 Pro for sale" in a Google search. I did and came up with:

There were a few others. They are not in Calgary. I think your location, rather than boat availability, is the limiting factor. Now if you could just move to Victoria, Seattle, or San Diego, you'd be set.

I recall someone drove 1700 miles in 3 days (round trip) to buy a Mariner. It's not unreasonable for the right boat.
Thanks I am in Victoria actually will need to change my location.
There are a few listed but not close enough
I would like to paddle one again to be sure that’s what I actually want still