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Great videos, both of em! The surf off of Tofino doesn't look as amazing as reported but the surfing looks fun excellent nonethless! Nice work on the video and the choice of the music in the second video is terrific.
jmckillop27 said:
I used the stickies which come with the helmet hero go-pro, the go-pro suction cup mount which i bought separately and a pulley system from my climbing gear for the opening clip.


I'll have to get the helmet mount and suction cup for mine. I have the surf version.
Although this vid is pretty chill compared to its teaser, I think it works well with the footage. Here's the full version of the THR: October Sessions. Please let me know what you think. I helps me get better at making these films....thanks for all your support WCP :clap: :clap:

Hey Ro. I like the vid,looks like you got plenty of action in. But, why not use a surf boat when the waves are decent quality? Sea playboat kayaks like the Romany and such work well enough for the messy or small surf,but nothing compares to a surf boat in it's intended environment.
Thanks rider.

Well to answer your question...simply put, I'm a sea kayaker. I've surfed both ww and surf boat for over 10 years...and I prefer to surf ocean boats, regardless of the waves. WW and surf boats are better for some conditions, but it's not for me.

I'd love you to try my new Reflection...you'd be amazed with what you can do in this boat. Your a great paddler...this boat will blow your mind.

Thank you for the vote of confidence,if we end up at a surf beach at the same time,I'll take you up on the offer.
I was re-watching the vid just now and the turn at 5:03-5:07 , very well done. How much of that was boat and how much was skill? I don't think I've ever seen a sea kayak turn that sharp on a wave in a controlled manner.
I like this video. With adrenaline sports it's so tempting to just hit the action and keep hitting it. But that leaves the place and the people not anchored. This vid takes a cool direction in character development, by sharing the humor of just trying to create vid footage. I suspect that's tricky, easy to cross over into "too much". There is nice balance in the vid between "place" and "action" too. Slower is OK for me....

After some years of watching the Banff films tours - I think a good adrenaline vid has the following:
- good exposition of the action (highest priority)
- development of place (why its cool in spite of the action)
- character development (literally - almost every person who does adventure sports brings a vibe to it)
- why are they doing it (balancing the passion and the risk)

"Why they are doing it" is an interesting challenge. At the Banff films this year - they showed people getting injured. Some were alarming to watch, but done in such a way as to keep the viewer aware of the full reality. Often adrenaline sports are a trade off between potential for injury and the chance to hang out in a really impressive place. I think it's good that these recent Banff films represented the passion and the reality of risk in a balanced way.
I very much like explorermike's comments. It made me think of this point:

My favourite film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival was "The Asgard Project":


They could have just made a highlights film of the climbing and blown you away with the adreneline shots... and you might think, wow that's pretty easy and those guys are a bunch of yahoos. But because they followed the year plus preparation and you saw the other 7 guys working on the face, roping up constantly, being safe as a team you realised how much work went into the project and how, despite the crazy footage, these 2 guys actually were consumate professionals.

So ... how about showing some of the preparation that goes into a video? I read in your interview how you have emergency response plans for all different types of scenarios. How about discussing them, or maybe a video ," THR: Behind the action". I would certainly find that as fascinating, if not more, than your normal videos. Although, do show some action highlights please :)!
If we are making requests, I have one as well.

I enjoyed the "one wave - surfing the reflection" video
http://www.youtube.com/user/contactjone ... dwshXbmipc
but when I studied it closely to observe the paddle angle on the stern rudders, I saw that the paddle is feathered. If the paddle had been unfeathered, I would have always been able to see (indirectly) the angle of contact between the rear blade and the water. It would be helpful for me to see blade angle, vertical paddle angle, body lean & boat edge by a pro as the wave changes.

If you ever get the opportunity to film a tide race surf session with an unfeathered paddle, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.