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Tidal turbine proposal off Hanson Island

Marine Detective just posted on FB that the deadline for submission has been extended to Dec. 2, same as the other deadline for this.
"You've got to be kidding" is putting it mildly! Her website probably shows a map, I only saw it on FB, showing where Orca Lab has its listening devices.
Makes me wonder why they would even pursue that location in the first place.
Why not Race Rocks again? I seem to remember it was an engineering challenge that made the Race Rocks project end, not ecological concerns. But not sure.
Went to the meeting, Nov. 20, after SRM pulled its application, so I could say thanks. Very reasonable person who negotiated with OrcaLab and is looking for local knowledge and willing to work with locals. His proposals, so far, involve smaller units, and apparently, not more than one or two units. Working with below 20 MW, generating at 1 kV and therefore need close to shore. Might not have gotten through the formal application process anyway.
The GIS and other mapping data from BC gov't showed nothing at all about environmentally sensitive whale habitat.