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Trangia 25-8.... Where to buy?

I just checked my tracking - and my package made it into Seattle 2 hours ago! I may start cooking on my Trangia this weekend!

(sorry Daren, I just realized I spelt your name wrong)
Houston said:
I just checked my tracking - and my package made it into Seattle 2 hours ago! I may start cooking on my Trangia this weekend!

(sorry Daren, I just realized I spelt your name wrong)

not to burst your bubble but it might take a couple days to clear customs.

(don't sweat the spelling thing Hyouston. :lol: i get it so often that i'm used to it, and sometimes don't even notice anymore)

when i bake with the two pot system there is a layer of water in the outer pot, with the inner pot on little stands that keep it just at the surface of the water. what the water does is regulate the temp. no matter how much heat you pour at it your two pot oven will never go over 212*F. with a dry heat method (like rocks as spacers) it becomes very difficult to regulate the temp. i've thought about buying the outback oven bolt on thermometer and attaching it to the lid of my Trangia billie (pot) so i can keep track of what's going on in there. the other concern i have with dry heat is that i don't think the Doussal pots (or the aluminum billie) were designed to take those kinds of temps for extended periods. they are, after all, light-weight camping gear; not heavey kitchen cookwear.

You know that price $125.00 from Vargo doesn't seem that bad. Although depending on brokerage fees ofcourse. I just got a quote from Larry Adler in Australlia (couldn't find one closer) for the 25-8 =

1x Code 61258
Trangia 25-8 Cooking Set

@ $194.95 A$194.95

Shipping TBC

Without GST for International Orders: -A$17.72

I got an e-mail that shipping was $25.00 Aus.

So $125.00 looks pretty good. I think I might go for it. I also found the 25-5 in the US. for $95.00 Still trying to decide. A friend of mine is going to oder one aswell so we are going to split the shipping/brokerage so that helps abit.
I had never heard of a Trangia stove until this thread and after following all the links I *still* have no idea what fuel they use. Since they offer gas burners with all models, I assume it's not gas normally. Alcohol?

As a certified old guy I still use gear I bought decades ago (like my Sacs Millet rucksack which only one person has recognized as a climber's rucksack from the 60s). My camp stove for solo is an Optimus single burner I bought in Paris in 1973 when I was bicycling around Europe. For groups I use an Optimus 2-burner I probably bought at REI in the 70s.

So... what fuels *does* a Trangia burn?

Craig Jungers
Moses Lake, WA
Chris and I have an online retail website that a few people on WCP know about already. It’s called Landsharkz.ca. We cater to folks who like to geocache, hike, camp, etc. Some of the things we carry appeal to paddlers too but we're really not a source for a lot of kayaking specific supplies. There are many other stores who cover that market very well.

We're going to be placing a wholesale Trangia order on Monday from Liberty Mountain in SLC, UT. We just got a referral from Trangia Sweden and reseller approval and so now we have to decide what to put on our first order. There are 4 1/2 pages of products (30 to a page) so they sky's the limit. I am anticipating the rate of duty to be 8% on most of the products but I will know for sure once I check the tariff classification manuals.

If anyone would like stoves, parts, fuel bottles, kettles, bags, lids, etc please send us an e-mail (to landsharkz at shaw dot ca) or a PM over the weekend and we'll add your request to our growing list. I do all our brokering myself so we can keep our pricing close to the US pricing. I'm not sure if anyone from the US would like to be included? Please let me know and I'll leave some on 'that' side of the border for domestic shipping. We ship products to our US customers from our distribution centre in Port Angeles, WA so you don’t have to pay excessive fees for it to come to you from Canada.
Really cool Helen! What a great move!

One thing people always are looking for are replacement parts, like burners, the simmer ring, the cutting board and any other size of the complete set nobody else offers.

I wish you lots of sales with this wonderful product!
DarrenN - it cleared customs late last night and was scanned in at Richmond at 5am this morning... yay! I REFUSE to believe I wont have it by today :D
Houston, there's a good chance if it says 'released by customs' at Richmond :) . Are you going to be home during the day to receive it?

They will probably want payment for any fees at the door if you don't have a UPS account. Also, if the final figure for brokerage and their fees is exorbitant (more than the cost of the unit) I do believe you can decline the shipment at the door and send it back. You may want to check with the supplier today before it arrives to make sure you wouldn't be held responsible for any of the fees incurred to this point. I've experienced UPS wanting over $200 at the door for a $250 shipment - some of this was taxes but the rest went into UPS's pockets. You did say you chose Express to avoid the brokerage fees, but you'll know later today or Monday if it worked.
From what I've read on the UPS web and from other forums, Expidited service includes your brokerage fees already, so you don't get hit at the door.... I just need to pay the tax.... but I shipped it to my parents house because my mom's always home, maybe she'll pay it for me :wink:

Helen - ppllleassse carry Trangia and parts so I never have to deal with this again!
We'd be happy to stock parts that get requested semi-regularly but otherwise we'll bring them in by special order for folks on our next shipment. Supposedly I can get stuff from their shipping facility in Utah to Port Angeles in 2 days, so nobody is going to have to wait long.

I'd appreciate a little market research help...
Is anyone interested in the gas burner?
What about HA over the UL aluminum?
Sets with or without kettle?
Stove only?

why this stove

at the risk of being thrown off this site why would I want this stove over my propane and naptha stoves
what are the advantages
The only advantage that I can see (if you can call it that), is that you get a lifetime membership in the Church of Trangia. If you really want to get in tight with that bunch, you'll probably have to get a Hennessey Hammock as well.

I'm sticking with my white gas stove and a tent. It's much easier and there are no meetings to attend. :lol: