Unnamed beach 5 km S of Baker Pt, E coast Aristazabel Is.


Jan 6, 2008
Vancouver, BC
This extensive sand and rock beach is 5 km south of Baker Point on the east coast of Aristazabel Island (52 46.1' N, 129 10.0' W, from SPOT GPS on beach). It is protected by several drying reefs, which provide good beachcombing! There is a sheltered cove to the N of the beach. There appeared to be a stream draining into this cove (we had already collected fresh water from a stream further south on Aristazabel Island). We camped on the beach, no problem with a 4.5 m overnight tide at Bella Bella. We did not notice any cleared areas in the trees. No outhouse. Great views up and down Laredo Channel and across to Princess Royal Island. Also see Wild Coast 2 page 218.

View of campsite (2.1 m tide at Bella Bella, Jul 7, 2009).

View of campsite looking N to Campania Island (2.1 m tide at Bella Bella, Jul 7, 2009).