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Valdez Road Quadra Island Launch Site


Nov 13, 2007

Valdez Road Launch Site

1. Recreation District: Campbell River
2. Geographic Location: Quadra Island
3. Site Name: Valdez Road
4. Rated By: Ken V
5. Date: 25 April 2009
6. Coordinates: 50N 08' 06" 125W 11' 36"
7. Marine Chart No: 3539
8. Mapsheet: Discovery Passage
9. Land Status: Road Allowance & Undersea Cable Right of Way
a. Local Hazards:
i) Potential for weather; unusable in heavy South East conditions
ii) Some currents.
b. Landing (kayak) easy
c. Beach Gradient: 6-10%
d. Beach Substrate: Stable field of boulders
e. Launch site only. No camping.
f. Estimated Level of Use: light
g. Drinking Water Sources: None
h. Aspect: South East
i. Site Accessibility: Sea and Road
j. Estimated Distance to Nearest Campsite: Breton Islands is estimated 15 minutes paddle away.
k. Site Suitable for canoe or kayak.
l. Relative Importance: This is a good launch site to access Discovery Islands from Open Bay
m. Notes:
i) Parking is alongside Valdez Road.
ii) Valdez Road is gravel.
iii) Follow Village Bay Road. Turn off for Valdez Road (unmarked) is about 20 km from the Quathaski Ferry terminal. At a fork Village Bay Road continues as a paved road to the left. Valdez road is the gravel road to the right.
iv) On the chart see the undersea cable going into Moulds Bay.
v) Sign on the beach (not legible in the photo) says CABLE.