Vancouver Island Paddlefest 05

Given it is just up the road from Victoria I thought I would check it out. Never been there before so I am unsure if it is any good but worth a try.
Does anyone know if there is camping in the area? Preferably on the water within a few kilometres paddling distance?

I doubt that many who are attending the event will be camping at Wallace Island as it's more than 20 km away.

I notice on the website that there is Vendor camping across the road from the road from the park -- I'll fire off an e-mail an ask if it's possible to find camping space there.

(thanks to BoosPeople for the B&B suggestion, but it'll be a bit more than my budget can afford).

Darren_McQuitty said:
I'm guessing that the closest marine park ... allace.htm will probably be full that weekend.

We stayed there 4 summers ago just as they were finishing building the designated camping pads. We had an awesome spot on a little outcrop on the east coast of the island, maybe it was called Cabin Bay; I can't remember. We would have been the last "legal" campers there.

We bribed our daughter with the promise of an ice cream cone to paddle to Thetis Island to replinish our wine supply.
I sent an e-mail to the folks at the Paddlefest yesterday regarding nearby camping locations and received a prompt reply with a reference to a list of campsites on the website of one of the sponsors of the event.

The list of campsites is located at:

Looks like this is shaping up to be a good event.

I agree, but I was really disappointed that the fibre glass workshop was dropped. I will still go but this was a deciding factor orginally.
I have camped at Living Forest (on the list) and enjoyed it. Its right on the water, but kinda far from Ladysmith.....
A good weekend. After a late-night paddle around Victoria's Inner Habour on Friday with a few others, Dan and I headed up bright and early Saturday morning to Paddlefest. Overall it was a well-organized event, with lots of vendors showing their wares, and demo boats galore. For the most part, the workshops seemed well put together; Dan and I attended an 'edging and bracing' workshop on Saturday afternoon which was hosted by a couple of excellent instructors - we both learned a lot. I may have tried to push myself a little beyond my abilities and ended up getting a bit wet :oops: , but I think that's how you learn limits of both yourself and your gear. I wasn't afraid to push myself, and it seemed that most other paddlers in the workshop had a similar mindset - it appeared that everyone was learning lots and having fun doing so!

It was nice to meet new people up there, as well as people who had already visited this site (such as RedCedar, who we met and admired a couple of his skin-on-frame boats).

I'd like to welcome new visitors to this site too - post a quick 'hello' and tell us how you like the site so far!

I'm already looking forward to next years Paddlefest!