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Victoria to Alaska

Weather : I paddled from Juneau to Victoria from Victoria over 20 years ago mainly along outside; outside Chichagof Is, Central Coast, Van / inside due to weather West Prince of wales. Unless starring early season with South East wind, while paddling from North to South ,people can utilize North West wind as a tail wind in a fine weather day. My friend who paddled entire West coast of Vancouver island from Victoria to Port Heard ( South to North) had challenges paddling against strong NW wind in blue sky days.

While paddling though a whole summer, people would have a prolonged summer storm. My case was being pickled for a week on a tiny island of Central coast. So a tarp for an eating area, an additional small tarp for a tent entrance , and many books to read in stormy days are nice to have.

Regarding guide book: I did not bring any paddling guide book then. It was easy to find a protected beach without surf and good camp site from water. I did not use my helmet at all that summer: Yes the section of North from Icy straight would require a helmet!
Thanks for sharing your experience. Cheers