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Wanted: Used NDK Romany


New Member
Feb 25, 2011
I'm looking for a used NDK Romany. Can I nudge any proud owners to part with their kayak?

Hi Susan,

Where are you located? I don't have a boat that I want to part with, but maybe other people in your area may have a similar boat, such as an Avocet or Vital.
I'm in Portland, Oregon. It would be fairly easy to consider boats in the Seattle area also.
Hello Susan....

Who is it in B.C. that sells these at a good price? You mentioned something about that a few days ago.

An LV. Beyond Seattle on Orca at Body Boat Blade


NDK (Sea Kayaking UK) Romany LV
Sale Price: $2,150 (Retail price: $3,565)
Great condition. Barely used demo kayak.
Colors: Red deck with white hull and yellow trim.
Length: 16 feet
Width: 21.5 Inches
Wire Skeg
Keep watching Alder Creek Kayak Shops website. They list the used kayaks they take in on trade. They are also a NDK dealer.
Hi Susan,
I have a NDK Explorer I could part with. Color is red over white; has a skeg with cable slider. Its like new.
Comes with Brunton recessed deck compass and a seals cockpit cover. Only used a few times - it's one of my spare kayaks.


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Hi Susan,

I have an NDK Explorer regular volume for sale. If you're still looking.
It's got a recessed Brunton compass and hatch cover very comfortable molded seat. Light Aqua deck, white hull. $2500.
I just had it tuned up professionally. I'm on Vancouver Island. Let me know