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Wanted: Werner high angle paddle 210

Hi Joel -
I'm new to the forum and just registered so I could make an identical post to the one you just listed here (really... identical. I'm looking for the same size and models).
If you get any hits that are not to your liking, woudl you mind forwarding them my direction?
Bellingham, WA
I'm looking for the same paddle! I'm 6'2". How tall are you guys who are looking for a 210?
I'm not buying or selling so I'm not sure if this helps but I am 5'10" tall and have a 210cm BS Cyprus. I wish that it was a 205cm.
Not selling either but downsized from a 215cm Cyprus to 210cm, both straight shaft. Used to be just shy of 6'2, 77" wingspan, 24" wide boat. I suspect 212cm would be ideal for me but prefer the 210cm over the 215cm.
Interesting. I am 5'8" and thought that a 210 cm would work. I am paddling a 21" wide boat.
Werner are recommending 210cm. Am I missing something?

I paddled with a 215cm for years and liked it. I bought a shorter 210cm paddle for river paddling and liked it. Going back to the 215cm on flat water to quote Jon from a while ago the longer length felt just "a bit in the way".

Everyone has an opinion and hopefully others chime in but if I were suggesting a paddle length for someone your size in a Cyprus or Shuna it would be 205cm with 21" wide boat. My 215cm went to my buddy that is "6'4 and change" in a BD Storm 17 and he loves it.
Interesting. I am 5'8" and thought that a 210 cm would work. I am paddling a 21" wide boat.
Werner are recommending 210cm.
Classifying paddles by overall length can be misleading, since the blade lengths vary so much. More data points for you: I'm 5'10" tall and paddle with a 'high-angle' stroke unless conditions get really rough. When I took my first class with BodyBoatBlade 10+ yrs ago, Leon Somme looked at the 220cm paddle I was using, and handed me a 205 cm Cyprus. "Try this.". That's what I've been using since then. When I use a wing paddle I usually set it at about 208 cm. A paddling buddy who is about my height uses a 210 Cyprus to paddle his Telkwa and Mariner Express. Adjustable length paddles (most wings adjust over a 10 cm range) are really useful; I don't know why more 'standard' paddles aren't made that way.
Classifying paddles by overall length can be misleading, since the blade lengths vary so much.
What John said though I can live without the adjustable length. I use a 205 Ikelos BS. The 210 Cyprus BS is my deck paddle and used when I'm feeling it on a long day. At 210 cm I'm dragging some of that shaft through the water and I would be more efficient if the shaft was shorter. Actually, I would be OK with an Ikelos that was a 200cm. I don't paddle skinny boats (Illusion, Progression, Grand Illusion. Tempest 170 Pro) so that isn't an issue.

A couple of the paddlers I share the water with are using 215's - 220's which are appropriately sized for the blade designs and they struggle with most blended strokes as the shaft, blade, whatever seems to get in the way. When using my 205 Ikelos those problems go away.
I am 5'11" and use a 210 Cyprus in all my boats, some are wide, some are not. I also have a wong paddle which is adjustable between 200 and 210. I usually use it around 205, but I'm usually paddling a bit more aggressively when I use it.

If I had to paddle the wrong length paddle I'd rather it be a bit shorter than a bit longer. But as they say, different strokes for different folks.
Hm. Interesting discussion folks, thanks. And thanks to the OP for generating the conversation!

I‘m 6’-6” and use a 215 Cyprus straight shaft for puttering around in my Grand Illusion; now y’all got me thinking I should try a shorter paddle. At the very least, I’m going to pay more attention to how much of the shaft is in the water, but I’m thinking my height might keep me in the “longer paddle“ range. I imagine I’ll want a shorter paddle when I get into more dynamic water though.
Paddle blades and overall length are definitely personal preferences, so don't take what works for one person as a rule for what you should use.

I am 6' tall and generally paddling 24" wide boats (Alchemy, Stratos, etc.). My preferred paddles are 205 cm straight shaft Shunas. That said, I have a 205 cm Corryvrecken (spelling?) that I use because I have it. Probably wouldn't buy again, but will use until it dies. And when guiding, I am often using paddles that the shop has (often 220 or 230 cm Camanos). It doesn't seem a big deal for me to swap around among these - so at least for me having exactly the right paddle doesn't seem to be a huge issue.
Thanks everyone for the additional input.

I have a Werner Shuna 230 Fiberglass that is way too long for my height/boat width. I notice it most in the catch. It's catching too early.

I'm very happy with a 220cm kalliste for low angle all day touring. A bigger blade will pull easier with a shorter lever, so I figure 210 is about right for me. 205 would be better than 220. The intention is to use it as play paddle to catch waves and manoeuvre more easily.
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What is with the blade size on the Celtic paddles 600, 650, 700. Can anyone fill me in?
I have a 2-piece 230 cm Werner Kalliste with bent shaft I'll trade for a 2-piece 210 cm Werner bent shaft of some sort. I'm in Duncan, BC.