Washington Roadless Coast


Jul 23, 2011
After reading Ken Campbell's article in Sea Kayaker April 2009 "The Roadless Coast" this tour has been on my wish list. At that time it was wish/dream because I did not have the skills to tackle a tour of that nature.

In early June I decided to go for it only if I could find someone who had done it to go with me. My wife who is my main paddling partner was not comfortable so she was a no go. Alan was the only person I knew who had done it but his schedule would not allow him to join me. I invited a friend Mark who has similar skills to mine but more surf experience and he was game, so trip was on.

The float plan: 6-23-16 car camp at Holbuck Beach. Day#1 6-24-16 Launch Neah Bay - Camped at Shi Shi Beach/Point of Arches 20 miles. Day#2 6-25-16 Camped at Sandpoint. 13 miles. Day#3 6-26-16 camped at Cedar Creek 9 miles. Day#4 Camped at Toleak Point 18 miles. Day#5 Takeout Ruby Beach 13 miles.

The weather was dry with mixture of days being clear or overcast. Two of overcast days had fog. This tour is most scenic I was experienced starting with the awesome Cape Flattery with its many caves and arches and south with the many beautiful beaches and sea stacks all the way to Ruby Beach. That said it was the most demanding physically and mentally I have experienced. At low tide conditions there are areas with huge rock gardens and keeping close to shore is not possible and at the head of the rock gardens is confused/choppy water so needless to say you are whipped when you finally land.

There is public transport available to Neah Bay from Forks (3 buses daily except Sunday) and it was easy hitching a ride from Ruby Beach to Forks so taking one car was not a problem.

So I can highly recommend this trip to paddlers with advanced skills.