Waterproof Cameras


Aug 20, 2005
Kelowna, BC
Very good thoughts to keep in mind Dave when I am buying a deck bag or such! I'll have to try everything out one-handed. I never paddle without a paddle leash so I can put it down, but then all of a sudden all is wet...and if it's saltwater, even worse. And yes, dripping water into the box or bag is something else we need to avoid. Huh - this IS a watersport, isn't it! One-handed and get a routine down pat! You know, I may end up having to get an EWA bag or something eventually....Oh, and Dave, I don't think the camera comes with a guarantee of quality pictures - just that in the right hands it is CAPABLE of quality pictures. I'll do my best and being digital, I can post pictures more easily. We do have a scanner but it's never hooked up. I'm not sure I even know how to run it any more! Thanks! Merry Christmas!