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WCP Campout 2016 - April 22-24


Jun 6, 2007
Gibsons, BC
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Let the Campout 2016 Conversation begin! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Come celebrate the 11th WCP Spring Campout!

April 22-24, 2016
Portland Island
Arbutus Point Campground

(The last weekend of April is the traditional weekend for this adventure.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event is organized and promoted by the members of this website. WestCoastPaddler.com only facilitates the discussion and in no way sponsors this event. Paddling conditions at this time of year can be nasty -- you are responsible for getting to this event, and for getting yourself home. To attend this event you should be a self-sufficient paddler and be able to look after yourself while traveling and camping.

Friday night happy hour 6pm ish
Saturday night potluck dinnertime ish - bring a dish to share with friends old and new!

Hopefully Dan will bring his pavilion tarp and Maddie will bring her amazing, it has been way too long, brownies.

I look forward to sharing stories and adventures with WCPaddlers again! :big_thumb :big_thumb :big_thumb :big_thumb :big_thumb
Thankfully my long range forecast calls for a stationary high that weekend.
And I'm not talking about seated paddlers enjoying herbal cigarettes.

The sun will shine and the paddlers will dine.

See you there Sheila. Hope you can make it Dan&Maddie.
I am in...maybe we can call it the WCP Revenant Campout.. You know, leave someone for dead that was mauled by a gang of marauding raccoons, only to paddle back and make us buy them a round at the pub! Something like that.... :shock: :wink:
Herbal cigs? Is Portland the newest dispensary location? :lol:
Let's see, I teach Friday morning so finish my lecture then head to the airport and hop on a plane to Victoria. Then start hoofing it toward the water and paddle over (can someone just leave a loaner kayak on the beach somewhere for me?). On the return I found a flight that gets me back 3 minutes before the lab I teach that morning. Perfect.

And only $641, too!
Count me virtually in!

I'll join pawsplus and enjoy vicariously from here.
Have fun folks!
Pawistik said:
Can someone just leave a loaner kayak on the beach somewhere for me?

Done! Your kayak will be hidden in the bushes by Schwartz Bay - fully loaded with gear. Or maybe Pat bay where you could easily walk from the airport!!!

You can rely on the potluck for sustenance and me for wine. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :big_thumb
Alas, next year when I am back on the Coast and living the retired dream I look forward to finally experiencing this festival of water rowdies in person, led by none other that Sheila herself...now Sheila about Christmas 2016.....whatever shall we get up?
I'll be there!

And hopefully I will bring some brownies along with me. :)
Hey Dan, "Everyone" may be you, Maddie, Gary J, Sheila and I... not a huge crowd...
I am probably going over Friday at lunch, from Amherst Beach.
Sheila? Gary? Let me know if you are doing same...
So, I assume it is Potluck Dinner Saturday nite. Dinner for 5 I assume, unless more pipe in. The weather is gonna be pretty good, no real rain, and warm enough.
I am planning to do a chili, and maybe some of my famous cornbread. I also assume no vegetarians, so meaty it is!
Besides Maddie's fantastic brownies, what else is cookin'?

Of course this all depends on my f***ing tennis elbow behaving, at present it is not great, :twisted: but I am not changing plans just yet. Looking forward to the whole experience.

Photos where appropriate Pawsplus, no guarantees! :cool
I retire in two weeks but still working on back injuries maybe next year. I can only keep dreaming for now.
Maddie said:
I'll be there!

And hopefully I will bring some brownies along with me. :)

Damn! I miss the first year in ages Maddie (and her brownies) make an appearance. I'll look forward to the pix.
Hmmm... well it looks like Rodnak and I are going to get an extra helping of Maddie's mint brownies.

Sorry to hear that the rest of you won't be making it.