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WCP spring campout 2010!!!!


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I added a poll. Let's decide on the month first and then we can narrow it down to which weekend. Us old guys move slowly and we take little tiny steps.

Of course, this poll is in no way, shape or form binding. Use cheese for that.
Go April Go! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Where is that stupid Pepsi Cheer when you need it?

Well, I am in school in March and gone by May. :cry:
Traditionally, this event has always been held in April. There are a few reasons for this:

- It's a Spring campout -- May is a bit too close to summer.

- There is no charge for camping in April -- you pay in May.

- Campsites are a lot busier in May -- that could cause problems for a large group.

- This purpose of the camp out is to kick off the season -- by May, the season is already well underway.

- The likelihood of snow in May is quite slim.

My vote is for April.

I like the Sidney spit idea too.
Close/easy to get to for most, great beaches, LOTS of space, interesting history, options for day paddles/hikes. And 20 minuets from the beer store :lol: :wink:
I think Beaumont worked really well last year, but anywhere that won't end up being too crowded would work well.
[IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be advised that this event is organized and promoted by the members of this website. WestCoastPaddler.com only facilitates the discussion and in no way sponsors this event. Paddling conditions at this time of year can be nasty -- you are on your own and responsible for getting to this event, for being at the event, and for getting yourself home. To attend this event, you should be a self-sufficient paddler and be able to look after yourself while camping. This is not a novice trip. We hope that everyone will have a safe and fun time. Thank you -- the administrators of WestCoastPaddler.com ]

Beaumont, Portland or Sidney Spit...
What would work possibly better would be to ask which weekend can you NOT come....as someone like me doesn't have a strong preference for a weekend. Just an idea...
Easter Weekend

Did anyone note that Easter is on the weekend of April 3rd and 4th? That would allow a lot of us, myself included, to stay an extra day.
waverider wrote:

All I can think about is the Pot luck !!!

Kasey wrote: Hey...good to see you Mark! How's wedded life?

I have the perfect recipe for the potluck - somehow I will bring Halibut and Smoked Salmon Chowder!! It is the best chowder I've ever had! Perfect for a snowy campout!

Hi Kathy, wedded life is good thanks for asking.

hmmm, the chowder sounds like an excellent idea.

And Kathy I might be on board with you on the "NOT on a weekend campout" but won't be able to confirm this for awhile. But I am sure I/we can and will add a few extra days to the weekend.

As far as location goes Beaumont was/is a very cool spot (2 pubs, hot showers and a grocery store are all within a short paddle, yeah thats right I like to rough it. but with my luck the dear wife will want to stay at the resort

Sidney Spit is also a cool place as well.
Easter weekend is 3rd-5th,I'm going to the west coast more likely than not :D
17th will have fairly strong currents, 24th-25th is the Outdoor show. Neither of the two are critical to me so meh, any weekend in April except the first one works.