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WCP spring campout 2010!!!!


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waverider said:
And Kathy I might be on board with you on the "NOT on a weekend campout" but won't be able to confirm this for awhile. But I am sure I/we can and will add a few extra days to the weekend.

LOL...not quite what I meant Mark but a great idea. I meant that we should ask on the poll as to which weekend does NOT work for each person and work around that But....we will probably be up for MORE than a weekend too.
Sidney Island camp approach by kayak is not too great at low tides. Also, they will want to charge around $20 per spot per night.

I'm away from my computer for the next two months, so perhaps someone else should look into those two factors. Thanks.

My vote goes to Wallace.
Looks like I will finally attend this event, looking forward to finally meeting everyone in person. I always enjoy the points of view expressed in this forum. My vote would be either Wallace or Blackberry Point.
MartinZ said:
I wanna come too...sigh

Well, I may as well suggest it: Lake Powell? :lol: :lol: :lol:

...northern Baja :cool

Martin, nothing that impressive, but perhaps you can join us (mini WCP flotilla, Arizona chapter) on Suquaro Lake, Butcher Jones Rec area (2 miles past the marina) on Sunday, Jan. 31, 0900.

It will not be the usual energy, food and laughter so dominating WCP spring get togethers, but there will be a few of us, paddling and discussing our next kayaking trip up the Black Canyon of Colorado and the Canyon lake.
WCP Spring Camp

April's a big month can we nail down the date?
My vote for location is Beaumont , Keats Island or Blackberry.
Hope to see you all on the water.
Re: WCP Spring Camp

Alisonpaddles said:
April's a big month can we nail down the date?
My vote for location is Beaumont , Keats Island or Blackberry.
Hope to see you all on the water.

Looks like the weekend of the 17th is the favourite choice. Now to nail down the "where".
Greetings everyone.

I am new here, was directed here by my friend Andreas. We were chatting about kayaking, and he told me about this forum and the annual campout. I have looked around at posts and photos from last year as well, sounds like a great time. Are nubies welcome? I would like to go. I have kayaked periodically over the years, but have only owned my own boat since late last summer. So far I have my Flatwater certification, but that's it. I am really looking forward to getting more experience, and would like to get tips and advice from those who already have it. This campout sounds perfect.

Soo... can I come too?

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be advised that this event is organized and promoted by the members of this website. WestCoastPaddler.com only facilitates the discussion and in no way sponsors this event. Paddling conditions at this time of year can be nasty -- you are on your own and responsible for getting to this event, for being at the event, and for getting yourself home. To attend this event, you should be a self-sufficient paddler and be able to look after yourself while camping. This is not a novice trip. We hope that everyone will have a safe and fun time. Thank you -- the administrators of WestCoastPaddler.com ]


DocXander = 5byfive :?:
DocXander, I was going to add that when we went to the 2nd WCP campout we were 'pre-kayak' and very new. We borrowed spare boats from other members so we could try it out and afterwards we took lessons and got our own boats! You can see a really good replica of mine designed in metal on my avatar.

The WCP group thoroughly welcomed us and we didn't feel out of place at all. I'm still not into long paddles across large bodies of water that move a lot when I least expect it (but Chris is totally cool with it) and so when something like this comes up, we take out 'yaks on the bow of our sailboat (the MuthaShip) and then launch from there :big_thumb .
hahaha! The MuthaShip! That's good.

Sounds like a good group to be associated with. I like associating with good groups.

Not sure why, but the poll I see seems to be for Beaumont or... Beaumont? Guess that leaves us with Beaumont?