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We invite feedback

Nick Heath

Mar 27, 2008
For a couple of years now, we at BCMT have been accepting submissions from paddlers (and sometimes from others) that were originally intended to be "Site Condition Reports" i.e. what garbage needs cleaning up? or what essential work needs to be done here? but the range of questions/issues has greatly broadened to include how accurate is our description?
For user convenience in 2022 we have also invited your feedback using a phone app - Survey 123.
Since February this year, this app has provided user feedback on 214 sites that range from the North Coast to S Vancouver Island. Many reports were made in the field, whether or not the phone had a data connection at the time/location of the report.
I'm especially fond of the way that the app can fairly seamlessy link and transmit site images taken on the reporter's phone without a lot of fiddly steps between.
Details are on our web site.
Please let us know what is right and what is wrong about the sites, whether it's new information or old.
P.S. If you are quick you'll be eligible for our SCR contest which ends 30 Sept!!