West coast of Campania Island, near McMicking Inlet


Jan 6, 2008
Vancouver, BC
A jewel of a campsite on the west coast of Campania Island below Mount Pender and just south of McMicking Inlet. Sandy beach with several spots for tents in the trees (53 3.0' N, 129 26.9' W, from SPOT GPS on beach). No outhouse. Fresh water available from a stream at the south end of the beach. There are several other campsites on nearby sand beaches. Also see Wild Coast 2 page 223.

Campsite looking south (July 10, 2009, tide 2.8 m at Bella Bella)

Campsite (July 10, 2009, tide 2.8 m at Bella Bella)

Campsite and Mount Pender (July 10, 2009, tide 2.0 m at Bella Bella)

We were camped to the left, another were camped to the right (July 11, 2009, tide 2.2 m at Bella Bella)

For further photos of this area see http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtngoat/sets/72157621965812299/


Nov 2, 2005
There is a shallow bay that dries at low tide immediately south of the campsites. In mid-July there was plenty of good water there while normally reliable sources further south were dry. I suspect that this is a reliable source for water. Two streams or possibly two mouths of the same stream enter the back of this bay about 100 meters apart. The southern stream is accessible at all tide levels while the northern stream is hard to detect and access at high tide. You have to climb over rocks and go into the woods. The northern stream was more vigorous, clear and a better water source for us.