What brand of bilge pump is the best quality


Aug 18, 2014
South Island, New Zealand
The top disks aren't fastened to the pump body but the outlet tube keeps an over-enthusiastic user from pulling the piston out of the pump barrel?
It can be that way. If the outlet doesn't stick into the body and the top disks not glued on you could pull it all apart very quickly if cleaning was needed. All of that seaweed you sucked in. Otherwise glue the top disks to the body of the pump and have the outlet pipe stick into the body enough to stop pulling the piston up too far or use the flow director to stop the piston. That is with a curved flow director curving down the side opposite the outlet pipe.

Options or features. These could all be "features".
A "feature" is a mistake which someone has thought up a good excuse for, such as "the wheels fall off this car. Yes it makes changing tyres easy."