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Where would you go?

where would you go

Darren, I agree with Dave....looks great! Loved the cave photos...esp the sauna cave near Palaeohori
Yep, that would be pretty sweet. I would love to kayak mostly anywhere in the mediteranian.
This is a tough question.

I like paddling right here in this part of the world -- to me, it's the sweet spot of the planet. We've got absolutely spectacular scenery around every corner and depending on the season, we can enjoy every kind of condition we like (so long is it doesn't include warm, clear sea water). Between the ocean and the lakes, there's so much to explore that you couldn't possibly see all of it in a single lifetime.

Having said that, I woudn't mind paddling in an exotic location once in a while.

Greece looks good and I'd like to paddle the Atlantic coastline of Spain and France. Get me a little apartment in Portugal overlooking the ocean in a small village within a half block of a put-in spot and I could probably hang out there for months at at time.

Exploring the rugged coastlines of Sweden and Denmark appeals to me. And I could spend a great deal of time exploring the countless fjords of Norway.

For a long time, I've wanted to paddle the shores of Scotland -- and while in the neighbourhood, I'd pop in for a little splashing around in Wales as well as stopping in for a pint or two in a few oceanside towns on the shores of England.

I'd like to paddle my skin-on-frame qajaq in Greenland.

There are several US locations that I'd like to experience. Paddling with Manatees in Florida looks like it would be a lot of fun, and paddling the historical Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest could be a fantastic journey. It would be way cool to paddle within view of glaciers and grizzlies in Alaska. And just once, I'd like to paddle under the Golden Gate Bridge.

I'd like to paddle around the Galapagos Islands for a spell just to see what pops up.

And I'll bet that a lot of good scenery and hospitality could be found around the coastline of Japan.

Paddling in the warm clear waters of the Carribean might be a cool thing to do for a while.

I'd really like to paddle at Lake Heron, the location in New Zealand where the movie Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was filmed. It just looks like a nice spot.

And since I live in our home and native land, I'd also spend some time paddling along the shores of eastern Canada.

If I had the means, I would very much like to go to paddle those locations, but really, I'm already living the dream paddling around here. :D

Wow - those are some great paddling destinations! I think Dan covered almost every corner of the globe. :)

We have some fond memories of when we drove up to Alaska eight years ago and virtually camped out all the way there and back. In retrospect, I wish we had our boats back then as there were some spectacular places to paddle. We basically did a loop driving up from Whitehorse over to Fairbanks down through Denali, loaded our vehicle onto a train at Portage, rode it to Whittier and finally hopped a car ferry from Whittier to Valdez all in a two week period.

I know, it doesn’t seem too extravagant for someone who just won the lottery, but Prince William Sound, AK would be high on my list for paddling scenery, marine life and, of course, those magnificent glaciers. I think that I can afford to spring for more bug netting. ;)

I had to check out the Scottish link. The photo section on Insh is from the central Highlands where I was raised. We call it God's country or the homeland.
The church in this photo is our family church, it's hundreds of years old. I married my first husband eons ago in that church 8O , and both my grandparents' funerals were there too :cry: . Thanks DarrenM!
Now I'm homesick!!
Helen said:
Thanks DarrenM!
Now I'm homesick!!

Sorry about that.... Here have some haggis.
DarrenM said:
Scotland for sure looks like an absolutely beautiful place to paddle.
I was in Oban last summer, and the islands and water around there reminded me very much of the pacific northwest (with the exceptions of the odd castle of two). Wouldn't it be cool to paddle out to a castle? 8)

Stalker Castle

The Oban Coast
Mmmm...haggis! I love haggis, 'specially leftovers fried up with eggs and black puddin'.

This castle was a few kilometres from our home. This castle was owned by the Wolf of Badenoch (1371-1394) whose ghost is still there haunting it. We howl at the castle and it howls back :lol:
Inside Passage. South to north.

I know that the smart money is on north to south but transitioning from wilderness to home is harder for me than paddling against the wind.