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Who here is going to Pacific Paddling Symposium?

I live in Vancouver area and have Friday to Monday off. Currently I am coming back Sunday but I am flexible
I'm looking to car pool . I will be away a few weeks in April 18 and not always able to access my email.
Drop me a line if need a ride share.
Is anyone going to PPS from Vancouver who could take a bag back and hold it for a month?

I'm coaching at the event but then hiring a car and touring Vancouver Island before dropping down into the US for a month, returning and flying out of Vancouver. I'd rather not lug my paddling gear with me, and if my wife and I go paddling down there we'll hire boats and kit.

It would be great if someone could keep it until we returned.


we could store a bag in our studio on Granville Island, behind a wall of computers ;-)

dry and safe, easy to access during biz hours if we are away
so a q for anyone who has done this before...

we are PPS newbies, and wanting to figure out the best way to select courses...

there's four sessions, and we've got four choices picked out for each session

some choices overlap, and mostly we'd only want one session with a given subject.. how does it work?

in worst case we'd get say a first choice on Sat am, second choice on Sat pm, third choice on Sunday am, and get nothing but intro to rolling all weekend long.... one intro to rolling, all good, nothing but intro to rolling all weekend, somewhat sub optimal really....

so how does it work? how much flexibality is there in swapping, changeing once selections are made etc etc? is there a way to say "only want one intro to rolling" ?

any and all thoughts most welcome!
we got all our first choices, whooo hooooooo

took us 45 seconds.... we did the deed at work where we have super fast it connection, and workstation machines with 48 processors/256gig ram each.... sorta awesome overkill ;-)