Who Stole all the Water?


Jun 8, 2007
Thought I'd post these... not really "paddling photos" as someone stole the water :shock:
It's not something one sees every day & just thought that some who have paddled Hayward may like to see. Hayward Lake sans H2O taken last night 14th June. Hydo currently have Hayward lake drained in order to carry out maintenance & seismic upgrades at the Ruskin Dam at the south end of the lake. Interesting to see some of tree deadheads that were cut down many years ago with cutouts for the "logging boards" (not sure if that's the correct term). Most photos were taken around the inlet/ bridge at the north end of the lake though there is a pic looking north across the boat launch ramp towards what is normally the "nature reserve" island
not posted pics before so hope I get this correct...


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Thanks for posting those pics. I've paddled on Hayward many times and it's interesting to see how much of a difference a few feet of water makes to the landscape.