Why is the marine trails network project dead

Jul 5, 2014
Just curious and speculating at the same time: why there is only basic information about campsites. There are a number of places I have visited and all sorts of places others have visited that are not on this map.
Should we all pitch in and make this a more comprehensive network. Or should we keep secret places to ourselves and a few chums. I know of places on the west coast of Vanisle that have involved considerable effort and i assume guides have built although not sure. I'm ok with keeping this private if thats the case. What about other places...guides and others comments would be good. Thanks


Nov 30, 2013
Burnaby, BC
The short and skinny answer to your question is that BCMT is not dead.

If you add up all the bits and pieces, the British Columbia coastline comes in at around 27,000 kilometres (give or take). Simply put, groundproofing this is not going to be done in a day. Or, even two days.

There's actually been quite a bit going on this year. Photographs are being added to the campsite information on the map. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! That really makes a difference when you are trying to decide whether to use a particular site. (Oh, that's what 'cobble' means.) Campsites have been added in the Jervis Inlet, Desolation Sound and Pitt Lake regions. And, the website has just gone through a makeover, so that it can be accessed using tablets and smartphones.

All of this is in addition to the usual background negotiations with all levels of governments, First Nations, other user groups, private landholders, etc., etc.

One of the best ways to keep on top of what is happening at BCMT is to hit the 'like' button on the BCMT Facebook page. When changes are made to the map, they usually are reported on Facebook.

If you are looking to help, the main website page has a 'Helping' drop down in the upper right. Feel free to check it out!

Currently, the BCMT groundproofers are busy repairing the gelcoat on their kayaks after one too many 'cobble' beaches. So, go ahead. Whatever help you can provide will be appreciated!